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Security Camera & Alarm Systems in Miami & South Florida.

At Helios Security Systems we specialize in providing state of the art security systems for our residential and commercial clients. We’re your #1 alarm company in Miami. We can provide the most secure video monitoring systems and alarms to make your home safe from any emergency.

Helios provides services and systems such as Miami security alarms and CCTV. These systems will immediately and automatically connect to the police, fire department, and EMTs even while you are away. Everything is fully automated. You can remotely control all smart home device in Miami with your smart phone.We offer services for both commercial and residential clients.

Security & Surveillance

Remote and fully automated alarm systems keep your home or business secure and under a watchful eye even when you are far from home. Whether you have a business or just for your home; your primary consideration must be protection and life safety.

24x7 monitoring

Helios Security Systems provides and installs the top of the line alarm systems for both police and fire response. With Helios Security Systems you are always being monitored by our professionals. You can feel secured that somebody is with you everyday of the year.  

Remote Security Systems

Update or install advanced control and smart access to the state-of-the-art security systems. These are part of smart home technology. No more manual controls mean the security of your home or business is on your hands from virtually anywhere.

High Definition Security Cameras

With advancements in technology, Helios Security Systems can install high definition security cameras from 1080 to 4k+ resolution at affordable prices. The cost for these types of cameras has made them more accessible even for residential budgets. 

Fire Alarm Services

Helios Security Systems offer many solutions for fire alarm systems to match any of your fire alarm needs as such as: Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection, Runner Response Services, Anual Inspection Services and Certifications, Central Station Monitoring, Fire Code Package Submission and others.


At Helios Security Systems, our intelligent services platforms creates the foundation for a smart home with total security, energy savings, and comfort at all times. By connecting devices with internet technology, you are able to monitor and control your home or business from virtually anywhere you are.

protect your home with Helios

A safe, secure home and the peace of mind that comes with it is only a phone call away.

Helios Security Systems has a team of professionals trained to help monitor your burglar alarm system. These are alarms which are the industry UL standard installed, maintained, and monitored by professionals who understand how to respond in the event of an emergency.

With the burglar alarm systems form Helios Security Systems you have absolute security linked to immediate police notifications. Our staff are trained to exceed expectations when it comes to installation and proper monitoring of home alarm systems.

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The ideal security cameras are CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems. These are also the industry standard. Helios Security Systems can install these in and around your home or business in order to provide video surveillance needs as part of a total security system. Perfect for residential or commercial properties, CCTV provide round the clock video monitoring of the premises.

Whether you require camera security around your residence or you are looking for an advanced commercial system, Helios Security Systems can provide consulting and help you set up the camera security that will best suit your needs. Security cameras can give essential information in the unfortunate event that there is a security compromise or an emergency situation. Everything that happens will be securely recorded.

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A signature feature of Helios Security Systems is the fully automated system in which every aspect of home security can be operated and controlled by remote automated technology. 

Advanced control is what our home automation systems are all about. Our systems are designed to allow you to control every feature of your home, including your home security system, a/c thermostat, door locks, cctv, lights and other devices from any place and at any time.

The automated systems can be adjusted to any set of requirements. We offer everything from smaller packages for an average residential security system up to highly complex networked systems for large-scale commercial needs. At Helios, we specialize in home automation services in the Miami and the Fort Lauderdale area. 

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Security, in your home or business, is about controlling access. Having a building-wide system can protect your employees, patrons, information, equipment and other assets without question. Access control system is becoming essential with every passing day. Now a days, the majority of those who own businesses in Miami are now installing access system in their offices because this security system can allow them to easily control their surroundings. 

If you would also like to install this keyless access control system, then feel free to reach us. Our technicians will help you install this secure keyless control system so you can have complete control of the security of your company or home.

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Protect your home & business with Helios.

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We were shopping for a new alarm system and i contacted Helios and two others. robert came in and he was very professional and detailed explaining everything and gave us an estimate that was the right price for us. they installed the system and we are very happy with it. we highly recommend helios, they are very professional and their service is excellent!


You guys are the best. Excellent Service. 


Excellent service. i’m so happy to choose them.


It is the excellent and professional work they do. in our condominium, we are very grateful for everything that this company did for us.


Amazing service. super easy to manage, totally recommended!!!

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