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A Jewelry Stores Security Systems Guide in Broward

May 14, 2022

Owning a jewelry store has a lot of dazzle and benefits but with that can come unwanted drawbacks. Jewelry stores have a lot of value in products which makes them an easy target when it comes to robberies and potential theft. This is why protecting them with the right security is so important. 

Jewelry story security systems definitely have more advanced features because they require several different security protections in place.  We can talk about the importance of having a system that is multi-functional and how it helps a jewelry store. 

What Are Jewelry Security Systems?

Jewelry store security systems will have a general default of products that can make all of them safe. Having said that all jewelry security store systems are going to be tailored to the store itself. They have multiple resources to prevent different stages of a possible attack or threat. 

For instance, you need something for the doors to lock in case of an issue. This comes from a locking system but also starts with a panic button. Surveillance cameras will also be a part of this because it helps with the aftermath and even preventative measures. 

Jewelry security systems will function close to other industries that need high tech to support the safety of the people inside and the store itself. 

Importance of Jewelry Store Security Systems in Broward

Let’s consider the three most important areas of focus when it comes to having a jewelry store security system in place. 

  1. Protecting your clients and guests.
  2. Protecting your employees and staff.
  3. Protecting your property and product. 

These are the key areas to focus on because this is where your liability and insurance comes in in case of a threat being carried out. Preventing that is best. 

Your Guests 

Having something like a panic button is the most important thing in order to protect your guests. It’s more common to encounter a threat during nighttime or after close, In the event that it was to happen during normal hours, this is usually a hostage situation. Without a panic button, you have no real way of getting to authorities in a safe way. This is why it’s crucial.   

Your Employees

You are also responsible for protecting your employees safely. As an owner, it’s more common that you will have someone closing the store for you rather than being the one there late at night. Having lockdown procedures that are more customizable what time of day it is (business hours vs after hours) will provide better protection for all of your employees. This can be a number of things from Bluetooth Access Control to alarm systems.  

Your Product/Property

Of course, protecting the storefront and all that is inside that property is important because this is where all the money is. Things like vaults, motion sensors, and dual-lock security cases, can keep all your inventory safe and sound. The more high-end your jewelry store is, the more likely you will want to have security measures in place that can accommodate this. 

Benefits of Jewelry Store Security Systems in Broward

Typically speaking the things listed above are going to be the matters that your focus on. Having said that there is a convenience benefit that comes with these types of systems. Technology makes our world more convenient and it is no different when it comes to a jewelry store security system. 

This is apparent with audio systems, Bluetooth access control systems, and even video surveillance systems which can increase employee productivity. 

Types of Jewelry Store Security Systems

Let’s take a look at the different parts of a jewelry store security system to familiarize ourselves. 

Store Access Control

Having store access control means that you can control your locks and entry points from remote access. This is important to be able to quickly access your phone and lock the store when you aren’t around or to send alarms when things seem to be a threat. It just provides an extra layer of security and means you don’t have to give access to everyone all the time. 

Audio Systems

Audio systems are important for a few different reasons. The most important is being able to effectively hear a siren or alarm system in the event of a threat. The next is being able to communicate with guests or employees. 

Wifi Access Point 

Wifi Access Points provide strong wifi throughout the entire building. Rather than have one signal that is sort of weak in various areas you can have designated spots for wifi that allow access to who you want when you want. This is important for cybersecurity and hacking. 

Third-Party Monitoring Security and Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment you could have. It’s not only something that can ward threats off but also capture acts if they were to be carried out. This is important in helping authorities because then they may actually be able to identify the criminal. And if you have live third-party monitoring then you will have someone that can alert authorities immediately in a dangerous situation. 

Best Jewelry Store Security Systems in Broward

Keeping in mind what we just set above let’s consider what the best security systems are right now in their respective parts. 

  1. Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera

It produces super clear images so that you can see exactly what’s going on in your storefront at all times. It also has a battery that lasts up to six months and has a seamless app for remote access. 

  1. Yale Liftmaster Smart

This is a pin pad entry system where you can control the look straight from your phone. You can also set numerous passcodes for certain hours of the day and night to make things safe by putting a schedule to it. 

  1. Sonos Audio Systems

Sonos has recently taken a hit on the normally preferred Bose audio systems that you will see most businesses use. But recently Sonos has released some top-quality audio speakers that can easily be placed throughout the store and connected through Bluetooth. This includes their Arc soundbar. 

Jewelry Store Security System Installation Process

The installation process is a critical part of protecting your store and those in it. Each security system is made up of different technology and brands so it won’t be the exact same from store to store. However, the general process remains the same. You need to work with a quality provider because an install gone wrong means the system won’t work at all like it is supposed to. 

This could be anywhere from a network to wiring. The team should come out and survey the space to come up with the best system for your jewelry store. Then they should be able to correctly put it in for maximal security. When you work with a third-party monitoring service they will always keep an eye on the system and how things are going. 

Jewelry Store Security System FAQs

While you may be feeling much more comfortable with jewelry store security systems it’s natural to have some questions regardless. It’s a lot of information to retain. While everyone’s process is customized this section is meant to answer the most frequently asked jewelry store security questions. 

What happens when one part of the system goes down?

Whichever company you decide to work with have something set up so they are notified when the system goes down. A good system will still have all the other parts working so you are not left without any security at all. 

Will, it keep functioning if the power goes out?

Security systems should keep functioning if the power goes out. The reason behind this is that they should have an automatic battery system if they were to be wired in the first place. Security systems like these usually have a backup plan in the event the power goes out on purpose or not. 

Is it important to have fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as a part of the system?

While it’s not necessary to have it be a part of your security system it is required to have one with your federal and state laws. Because of this, it’s easy just to incorporate it into your entire system because it’s more manageable this way. Keep in mind that arson is also a crime and having an appropriate fire alarm system in place can be the reason you end up saving your store rather than it being burnt to the ground. 

Helios Product Showcase 

It’s really important to have the right team by your side which is why when you choose Helios you can be confident in a number of things. The first is that you have a team ready to work for your safety and provide the best installation and possible third-party video monitoring. The next is that you want to ensure you have great products and our product showcase features both quality and affordability. 

Protect What’s Important

Having a security system in place for your jewelry store in Broward if something goes wrong is crucial to maintaining the safety of everyone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when considering whether to put one in or not. This is especially true in an area like Broward where break-ins occur often. Things like third-party monitoring and panic buttons can be why you don’t encounter any threats. 

Taking the first step and finding out who to work with and what to do is difficult. The first thing to figure out is the level of security you need which would be determined by your location and the product you sell. Talking with the right experienced security provider can help you out with this! 




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