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Benefits Of Card Access Control Systems in South Florida

Benefits and Types of Card Access Control Systems in South Florida

Sep 15, 2021

Having a great security system in South Florida is incredibly important when it comes to the safety and security of a business and all that surrounds it. The main functions of a card access control system should allow those who need to go in and out the luxury of doing so while also preventing others from coming in. This protects a company’s property both physically and intellectually. That’s why having a good card access control system is so important. 

With technology making security a lot easier, there is no reason not to invest in a great system like this. While nothing fails like security guards, teaming the actual security people up with technology makes it a no-fail system. 

What is a Card Access Control System?

Card access control systems are a type of security system that uses card readers to let employees in and out of the building. They do so by verifying the card matches up with the correct access point (the reader) and verifies the information that that person should be allowed through that particular access point. They are great for businesses because they can be designed for different levels of employees to gain or deny access to areas they are supposed to/are not supposed to be in. 

Some of the examples that fit this mold that many of us have already used are sky-rise towers and hotels. This is when you simply hold your key up to the elevator, and it takes you to the floor that you are granted access to. This improves security immensely. 

Benefits Of Card Access Control Systems in South Florida

Benefits Of Card Access Control Systems in South Florida

You probably have gathered that there are already so many fantastic benefits to having a card access control system in South Florida. But there are so many more we haven’t even got into. Updating safety standards is great, but convenience and efficiency are a whole other ordeal that businesses and buildings can capitalize on. 

Let’s talk about it. 


The security and safety aspect is certainly one of the biggest benefits as it keeps those in places they need to be and those who aren’t allowed out. Larger businesses and companies can really benefit from this as there are so many levels of status and access within them. 

Card access control systems really help simplify the business for both the employees, but also the guests. As we mentioned, hotels can certainly capitalize on this or sky-rise buildings that have multiple floors leased out to different companies. 


When an old fashion key is lost, we find it rather expensive to go ahead and make new copies or, worse, have to replace all the locks on the doors out of fear that the wrong hand has picked it up. Card access control systems are a simple swipe or tap and go. This can save a lot of money in the long run, even if they are expensive to install at first. 

The other efficient part is that it allows you to use rooms for different things. Not only are you granting certain employees access to different rooms, but you are also able to grant them to different places and different times. This allows a company for a certain conference room to have multiple uses. 


Card access control systems sync up with the entire security system to provide extra data to the security team, so we know who is going in and out at what times. If there were to be a breach, it is much easier to see who was where when and add up the pieces of the puzzle. This is a great way to check out what’s going on without having to invade the privacy of employees. 

It also can tell you who is working the most and being the most productive in terms of putting in the most hours. This is something that may need more information to corroborate certain facts, but nonetheless an option. 

Less Opportunity For Data Breach

Data breaches are a huge problem for tech companies and companies in general. It can cost a lot of money to recover from a data breach, which is why these controlled access card systems prevent more opportunities for this to happen. Your IT team should really be the only ones allowed in your sacred information area, which is why these cards make it hard for anyone else to gain access. 

Saying no to Unwanted Visitors

While it doesn’t necessarily stop all unwanted visitors, it certainly will make their life a lot harder. When someone notices that a security system has been set up, they are much less likely to continue through with plans to try and break in. This is why a card access system is such a great option. 

Comply with Industry Standards On Security

Businesses are really supposed to comply with HIPAA, and having a standard security system like a card access control system certainly does that for a business. This not only protects your business, but it protects you from breaking any federal or state-level security laws. 

Types Of Card Access Control Systems

Types Of Card Access Control Systems

Card access control systems are really straightforward. They all have the primary function of swiping or tapping a card to a reader and granting or denying access. But within these systems, there are different levels of going about this. That’s why there are really three predominant types of card access control systems that a business can choose from. 

Role-Based Access Control

This is the most standard system that allows those to have access to the same areas that people of the same level in the business can have access to. This means that all IT security cards will have access to the same rooms and the same floors. 

Discretionary Access Control

This is different because it is not based on the type or level of job you have. This is actually determined on a list that will grant access to certain people based on each room. That means that each reader of access control card systems will have a list of who is allowed and who is not. It is completely up to the discretion of the security team or business owner who is allowed where. 

Mandatory Access Control 

The type of access is the strictest and will usually be used by the largest companies as they need this level of security, this is where the card readers will likely not be enough to just grant access to someone into the door. They will also likely need a password or a combination code to get through as well. 

Different Authentication Styles

While all the above are the different types of security with an access control card reader system, there are also a lot of different styles in which it can be implemented. Below are all the different ways you can install a card reader access control system. 

  • Key Card Readers
  • Keypad Readers
  • Two-Step Authentication
  • Fingerprint

How to Choose the Best Card Access Control System

Above, we talk about the different types of systems you can have and the ways you can install them. Understanding what system is going to be the best card access control system for your company and situation may require some self-reflection and talks with the desired security team of your choice. 

In the meantime, we can discuss some options here and why they may make the most sense. 

Role-Based Access Control

When we talk about role-based access control card systems, it allows companies to focus on the general jobs that would allow certain roles to go into different areas. This works well for standard companies that have a lot of standard positions. For companies that need a little more protection, you can implement two-factor authentication that makes someone have to not only use their card reader but also provide a password or biometric feature. 

Discretionary Access Control

Discretionary access control can use any of the four mentioned styles. This allows a business to remain simple with just the standard readers, or they may want to bring in more security with two-factor authentication as well. 

Mandatory Access Control

We often see punch pads and pin entries during this stage. This is standard for most companies and securities and allows for it to be paired easily with card access readers. They are the strictest in terms of security, which makes them a great choice for more tech companies. 

Card Access Control Installation Process

Card Access Control Installation Process

It’s important when working with any security implementation in your business to use a trusted and certified provider such as Helios Security Systems. While the process is not overcomplicated, you don’t want to try and do it yourself or with a company that is not qualified at the risk of not installing it correctly and endangering not only your business but those who work for you. 

Here is what you can expect with the installation process:

  1. From day one, you should start working with a security team, so they can scope out the place and offer the best advice on where and how to install the security features.
  2. They will then likely also make recommendations on what products best fit your needs and your budget range. 
  3. After this, they will likely break down the installation costs with you and if you are lucky to have any of these costs covered through promotions or insurance coverage, then you won’t have to worry so much about this part. 
  4. Depending on how intense your plan is, this will take more or less time for them to install. Typically, the work can be done within a day, except for massive corporations with multiple buildings and extensive security detail. 

Card Access Control System Risks

There are not many risks when we talk about card access control systems. This is especially true when we talk about the risk to reward ratio. The main risk that a company can encounter is that if the security is not strong enough or paired with the right team, it is possible to fail. No security system is bulletproof, but the more high-quality products implemented, the more bulletproof you make it. 

Helios Security Systems Product Showcase

When we talk about the risk, we talk about one of the major ones, having an installation done wrong or working with the wrong company. That’s why here at Helios Security Systems you can count on highly experienced team members to install high-quality products in your business. 

The relationship doesn’t stop there. With customer support always ready to help, Helios is by your side to help fix and walk through any issues and concerns that you may have when implementing a security system like this. 


Getting up to date with the times is important, especially when wanting to comply with federal laws and regulations,  This is why having a card access control system is perfect for your company. With so many benefits like security and allowing the right employees into the right spaces while keeping unwanted people out, it seems like a no-brainer. 

But there are more benefits than just that. You can make your business a lot more efficient with these systems rather than using old-fashioned keys. But it is only efficient if you have the right people installing the right equipment. 

That’s why you can give us a call today at Helios Security Systems. We can help you from the absolute first step and will be with you to the last.



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