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Benefits Installing Security System

Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in South Florida

Oct 25, 2021

Did you know that 1 in 47 Florida residents are subject to a property crime? That’s a pretty large number which brings us to the question, how do we stop it? Well, the first answer is installing security cameras along with a good system. 

But not everyone can afford to have a security system implemented in their homes or businesses. But security cameras can be an affordable way to gain assurances by warding off potential threats. 

 Let’s talk about the benefits of installing security cameras in South Florida

What are Security Cameras?

Security cameras are often interchanged with surveillance cameras because that’s exactly what they do. Security cameras come in a large variety of types serving all different types of purposes. In the end, they all function the same by either providing a live stream or recording a specific area in the property. Sometimes the camera will do both.

Security cameras have developed a long way since they were first being used for businesses. With smart security cameras that can be integrated into our entire security system, our properties have become safer than ever. We can even access the footage right from our home even when we are not there. 

Importance of Security Cameras

Having security cameras around your property is incredibly important. While some reasons may seem obvious you may be surprised to learn about some of the other important factors listed below.

  1. For businesses in particular it’s important to be able to monitor all your products to make sure nothing goes missing. Not only from potential customers but unfortunately sometimes from our very own employees. 
  2. For residential purposes having security cameras visible is enough to ward off your potential threats and even keep out thieves from the neighborhood entirely. That way you are no longer just protecting your immediate loved ones but the entire neighborhood. 
  3. Without any surveillance, you are unlikely to catch the criminal in the aftermath. Police and authorities need surveillance if they are unable to pull any DNA from the scene. This is a major advantage in assisting the authorities in not only figuring out your case but getting a criminal off the streets in general. 

Benefits of Having Security Cameras in South Florida

The benefits of having security cameras in South Florida become apparent up top with safety. However, there are many more features that one can take advantage of when installing security cameras in their residential or business property.  

Productivity in the Office 

Having cameras around the office is important because if something needs review you’ll have the surveillance footage ready to go. But having security cameras in general, the cameras being present increases productivity in the same way that it makes a burglar think twice about entering. 

Remote Access

When you have a residential property there are always going to be times where you need to access the home but can’t be there for it. For instance, if you want to check in on your pets, a live feed to your smart device is a great way to do so. 

Some security cameras allow for the ability to communicate through them so if you have workers at the house while you are not there and they or you have a question, it’s an easy way to converse back and forth. 


If you do decide that you want to go ahead completely upgrade to an entire security system, you can just add your camera to the whole system. As long as it is relatively new and contains some Bluetooth capabilities it will be able to sync up to your smart device and any other alarm system, Bluetooth access control, or other security properties you are looking to add. 

How Do Security Cameras Work?

As we will come to learn in the next section there are a lot of different security cameras that you can choose to work with. A lot of property types will depend on the type of camera you will need to install. 

Generally speaking, nowadays any security camera can be streamed to your phone. This is part of the smart security system upgrades that have been developing for the last few years. Regardless of the camera’s capabilities, all cameras will be able to surveil a specific area of the property either during the day or during the day and night. 

Types of Security Cameras

When it comes to types of security cameras this is more in regards to the general categories that you can purchase from. Then breaking it down further we can talk about the most popular security cameras within these types of groups. 

      Wired Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

      Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

      Doorbell Cameras 

Most Common Security Cameras 

There are many different security cameras on the market. That’s why we are going to go over some of the most popular ones that are chosen both by residential properties and by commercial properties. 

The security camera can either be a:

1)    Indoor Camera

2)    Outdoor Camera

3)    Combination Of the Two

Doorbell Cameras

Mainly reserved for residential properties is the doorbell camera. Having said that we actually can see this put in at schools or certain businesses where they want to see who is trying to enter before entering. 

This camera is activated when someone comes near the door and may start recording when the doorbell is ringing. Likely, the property owner will get a notification on their phone that someone is at the front door.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are usually placed outside of a building because of their ability to shoot super far away. They may shoot down a long driveway or entrance so they can see who is coming even if they are a football field’s length away. 


Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are usually placed inside commercial properties and we often see them in stores. That’s because it provides a wide view of what’s around and the people inside the store can’t actually see where the camera is looking. This is done intentionally.  

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras sound like the name. They are usually combined with other cameras because seeing at night is just as important as being able to see during the day. There are a number of different night vision cameras such as thermal imaging. 

There are many different types of night vision cameras but the more complicated ones are typically reserved for businesses. These may be financial properties, tech businesses, among more that need more high-security imaging. 

Security Cameras Risks

While the risks certainly don’t outweigh the reward, to say that there is never any risk in installing security cameras would be a lie. So to be transparent here are some of the low-probability risks. 

1)    Cyberhack. It’s possible that when you run security cameras on a cloud or Bluetooth that they can be hacked. This is more likely with businesses than it is with residential cameras because they are likely trying to breach documents and product findings. 

2)    Poor installment. When you don’t hire the right company to do the work for you and install it correctly the whole system fails. You need to be able to rely and count on your cameras to do the work and they can’t do that if they are installed incorrectly. 

Security Cameras FAQs

For those who have never worked with security cameras before or just need a refresher, it’s natural to have a lot of concerns and questions. This section is going to be dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions about security cameras. 

What is the installment process like for security cameras?

When you work with a company like our own the first step is making sure your reeds are covered through an assessment of the property and a consult. From there we can talk about what the best products are going to be for your property. 

Then the actual installment process can begin by starting the wiring (if hard-wired cameras) or putting together the server that the wireless cameras will work on. 

Are night vision cameras necessary? 

While using doorbell cameras or daytime cameras are completely fine, it never hurts to have night vision cameras. This rings more true for businesses because at night is when break-ins are most likely to occur. This also rings truer for neighborhoods that experience higher crime rates. 

What happens when the power goes out with a wired security camera?

We have seen the movies where the wires are cut or the power goes out and all of the sudden the attack begins. Nowadays security cameras have been developed with a backup plan. When they rely on hard-wired systems, they usually will have batteries for backup to keep them running for an extended amount of time while the power is out. 

Some cameras now run both on wireless and wired systems and play off of each other when cellular kicks out or the wired system fails. 

Helios Security Systems Product Showcase

When you decide you are ready to install security cameras then let us be the ones to walk you through the process. At Helios Security Systems we have an outstanding product showcase that features some of the best security cameras on the market. We also understand that most of us have a budget which is why we work at affordable rates.  

But your security camera is no good if the install of it leads to constant glitches and issues. That’s why we trust our professionally experienced staff to install your security cameras in the right way in the right place. 

Don’t Wait to Upgrade

Whether this is your first time considering security cameras or you are in need of a serious upgrade to your system, we are here for you. Understanding that there are so many different types of security cameras on the market can be overwhelming. That’s why setting up a consult with us at Helios Security Systems is important. We can go through all the options and explain what is necessary without overwhelming you. 

While it’s not necessary to always get night vision it’s never a wasted decision. Most of the crime in South Florida happens at night so regardless of whether you’re a business or a residential property it’s not a bad idea to consider. If you aren’t sold on night vision, whether it be cost or the idea itself there are still plenty of other cameras that do just fine. 

Regardless of what you decide, don’t wait to call us at Helio’s Security System. We can get the conversation started and talk about any questions you may have that aren’t answered in the FAQ section. 



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