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Bullet Video Cameras: What you should know

Jul 1, 2022

With all the technological advances in security camera technology, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the right security camera for your security needs. Bullet video cameras are an industry standard, and they are one of the best types of video security cameras. 

You have almost certainly seen bullet video cameras in various places. They have positioned over and around all kinds of sites, including places like large parking lots where long-range video surveillance is necessary. Bullet video cameras are almost ubiquitous these days as video surveillance has become common. 

But with all the other types of video surveillance cameras, you need to get some basic information on bullet video cameras to make sure these are going to provide you with the kind of video security that works best. Bullet video cameras are a great option when it comes to monitoring your property. But you should know the ins and outs of bullet video cameras before making a decision. 

What are bullet video cameras? What are the benefits of bullet video cameras? And where are bullet video cameras commonly used? This guide will give the basic information on bullet video cameras. 

What are Bullet Video Cameras?

surveillance cameras

Bullet cameras are named for the elongated cylindrical shape that makes them stand out from other types of cameras. They come in various sizes, some quite small, and these are sometimes referred to as lipstick cameras. You commonly see bullet cameras in use at places that require a long range. They are common in large outdoor areas like parking lots and traffic intersections. 

Bullet cameras typically have a long range of vision and can provide detailed images. Many bullet cameras are equipped with things like night-vision and infrared to maintain clear surveillance at night.

You frequently see bullet video cameras in places like hospitals and schools. These are places with tight security needs, and the distinct advantages provided by bullet video cameras can meet these needs. You also see bullet video cameras in spaces that are large and open like parking lots and long access drives. Bullet cameras are a good choice for these kinds of spaces because they offer long-range optics and vision. 

Another reason bullet cameras are favored by many security professionals is that they provide a deterrent simply with their presence. Bullet cameras are easy to see. The obvious presence of a security camera such as a bullet video camera can often be enough to stop people from committing a crime. Thieves and vandals do not want to be seen, and bullet video cameras make it clear that they will be seen and recorded. 

Bullet Video Cameras Benefits

There are many reasons why people prefer bullet video cameras over other types of video camera security systems. Some of the main benefits of bullet video cameras include:

Easy installation: Bullet video cameras come with a mounting handle attached to the body of the camera. This makes them extremely easy to install compared with other types of video security cameras. While some video security cameras require special tools for proper installation, bullet video cameras attach easily without having to remove the housing cover to position the mounting bracket. Because of the shape of bullet video cameras, it is also easy to position them the way you need them. They have greater flexibility in installing them in specific directions. This means it is easy to reposition them should you decide to change the areas of surveillance.

Weatherproof: Many of the bullet video cameras designed for outdoor use are extremely weather resistant. These cameras come with a rating of IP65, IP66, and IP67. The IP code designates the degree of weather resistance with an IP rating of 67 capable of being fully submerged in a meter of water for 30 minutes. Many of the bullet video cameras that are made for weather resistance are also equipped with temperature gauges and heaters for operation in extreme cold. 

Larger lenses: The form of bullet video cameras makes them capable of housing far larger lenses than other types of video security cameras. This means bullet cameras can come with telephoto lenses that are ideal for large environments like parking lots, airports, and roads. Mini-bullet cameras, on the other hand, can be fitted with wide-angle lenses that can survey smaller areas with great detail. 

License plate recognition: Bullet cameras are the best type of video security camera for using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. LPR does require specific software to operate, but the lenses, built-in IR, and vandal-proof covers make them ideal for LPR. 

High resolution: The resolution of different bullet video cameras can vary widely. However, most manufacturers offer bullet cameras that can have some of the highest resolution available (up to 1080p and as many as 8 megapixels). This is perfect for capturing precise detail over a long-range. 

Clearly visible: While some types of security cameras like dome cameras are designed to blend into the environment, bullet video cameras stand out due to their distinct shape and size. This makes them a great deterrent. Most criminals will not engage in an unlawful activity if they know they can be seen. Deterrence is a great way to prevent vandalism and theft from occurring in the first place. 

Night vision: Most bullet video cameras come equipped with built-in infrared (IR) illuminators. The IR illuminators make it possible to maintain full surveillance at night and still capture clear images. As compared to other video security cameras that are equipped with night-vision IR illuminators, bullet cameras can have this capability combined with the longest range of night vision. 

Nearly all manufacturers of bullet video cameras offer IP bullet cameras. These camera systems are connected via wifi. This allows you to both monitor and controls your bullet video camera from any location with a smartphone or smart device. This is a tremendous advantage for bullet cameras especially since bullet cameras are frequently installed specifically to cover large areas. With the remote access of an IP bullet camera, you can continue to monitor the camera and make adjustments with your smartphone even when you are far from the central hub of your security system. 

A word about image clarity. Bullet cameras can provide some of the clearest high-resolution images of any security video camera. This is due to the internal optics and other mechanisms and not necessarily the bullet design of the camera. 

Top Features of Bullet Video Cameras

As you can see from the list of benefits, bullet video cameras offer things that most other types of video security cameras cannot. The most distinguishing features of bullet video cameras are:

Long-range surveillance: Bullet cameras can typically cover a much further range than other video security cameras.

Larger lenses: The construction of bullet video cameras means you can employ large lenses for extreme distances that capture clear images and wide-angle lenses that survey broad spaces. 

Weather resistance: Bullet video cameras are built to withstand all kinds of weather extremes. This is an important consideration for outdoor security in Florida where extreme water conditions can often occur. 

Night vision: The night vision capabilities of bullet video cameras are superior to other types of cameras, and this technology comes standard for most bullet video cameras. The long-range capacities of bullet cameras combine with IR illuminators for clear vision in the dark. 

Type of Bullet Video Cameras

Because bullet video cameras are something like an industry standard for security systems, there are nearly endless varieties of bullet video cameras to choose from. A sample of some of the more popular models includes:

GeeniGlimpse 1080p HD Wireless Smart Camera: Ideal for indoor home security. Does not require a central hub. Comes equipped with voice control. 

Homero Wired Smart Outdoor 1080p. Wifi connected security camera. Has auto-following technology, night vision, smart motion alerts, and is waterproof. 

Hanwha LNO-6072R 2 MP IR Bullet Camera. Top-of-the-line professional system. 2-megapixel resolution, 3.2-10 mm varifocal lens, tampering and motion detection, IR, and IP connected. 

Where are Bullet Video Cameras commonly used?

Bullet cameras can be effective almost anywhere, but since bullet video cameras have such a long range combined with high-resolution night vision, you commonly find them in places such as:

  • Parking Lots
  • Airports
  • Traffic Intersections
  • Hallways
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries

What can Bullet Video Cameras see?

As noted above, one of the main reasons professionals use bullet video cameras is because they can see more than most other security cameras. Both long-range and wide-angle fields of vision are generally superior with bullet video cameras. 

There are long-range bullet video camera lenses that can see clearly up to 300 feet, with the ability to still detect movement and images at 500 feet. These same cameras come with built-in DVR recording to document any and all activity. 

Wide-angle lenses for bullet video cameras can see 180 degrees. Couple this with night vision infrared technology, and you can get coverage over a wide range in the dark.

Some of the night vision technology that comes with bullet video cameras can see and provide clear images from over 160 feet in complete darkness. These are often used in places like long driveways, entry gates, and any spaces that typically present blind spots.  

Bullet Video Cameras Advantages

cctv surveillance system

When comparing bullet video cameras to other security camera systems, you will need to weigh the advantages of each as you think about your security needs. Dome cameras, for example, provide certain advantages that bullet cameras do not. For instance, dome video cameras can remain largely hidden. This is great if your objective is to gather evidence, but this does not provide anything like the deterrence you can get with a bullet video camera. The advantages of bullet video cameras include:



Sturdy, vandal-proof construction

Superior vision range

Easy to install

Circle Security Solutions are the professionals you should contact for bullet video cameras. We offer bullet video cameras and recorders that use the latest technology in security cameras. We can provide you with a security camera system that will fit your needs, whether residential or commercial. 

Circle Security Solutions provides old-school service and values that we combine with the latest technology to provide the best security systems for your home or business. Our professionals install and service state-of-the-art security systems that are safe and easy to use. 

We offer security and fire alarm systems, 24-hour central monitoring, HD surveillance, and home control and automation. Whether you want a simple security camera system for your home or a full security system that includes HD video monitoring and recording, Circle Security Solutions can provide you with a system that meets your needs.  

Circle Security Solutions is the premier security professional for South Florida, serving Miami, Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade Counties. 


There are plenty of video security camera systems on the market these days. When evaluating your security needs, you will need to consider all the different options. Bullet video cameras are one of the best options when it comes to video surveillance. 

Bullet video cameras are easy to install. They do not require special tools. And because they are easy to install, bullet video cameras can be easily re-positioned should need to change the way you set them up. 

One of the distinct features of bullet video cameras that have made them the preferred video security choice for professionals is the range of vision these cameras can provide. Bullet video cameras are extremely diverse in terms of the type of lenses that come with these cameras. Bullet video cameras can come with long-range lenses that can see much farther than most other security cameras, and they also can be found with wide-angle lenses that can see 180 degrees. 

There are reasons why bullet video cameras are preferred high-security in places like schools, hospitals, and hotels. But the range of visions bullet cameras can provide also makes them the preferred system for large spaces like parking lots and long driveways. 

With the night vision capabilities, long-range vision, and deterrent capacities of bullet video cameras, they have become almost a security industry standard. 



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