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fingerprint access

Benefits of Fingerprint Access Control in South Florida

Dec 14, 2021

Having fingerprint access control in South Florida is a true game-changer for businesses. While it’s less common with home security we certainly do see it every day in our iPhones and mobile phones. But what really is fingerprint access control?

Let’s break it down and see how useful it can be for our businesses. 

What is Fingerprint Access Control?

This type of security is a special subdivision of biometric access control where it has more of a focus on scanning your fingers than other parts of your body. It helps those granting access and authorizes those with the right fingerprint to get to where they need to go. It’s one of the best biometric access control systems out there because of its ease and security. 

Instead of needing a code or password you simply rest your fingers on a scanning device. This becomes your password and it’s very difficult for anyone to replicate and try to steal. We are actually familiar with this because before the update with IPhones TouchID was what we used. Now we have it on other Apple devices like laptops. It’s all the same! 

Fingerprint access control can be used by itself or used in a two-step verification process to make it even safer. 

Benefits of fingerprint access control

fingerprint access

There are so many different benefits when a company uses fingerprint access control. It can really assist in bumping up the security of a building or area big time. While those are the main benefits we can also see that convenience among others is on the table too! You may even save money because of several different factors 

At first, you may think there is no way that this system is cheaper and it’s not. We need to think about long-term effects as well when we consider fingerprint access control. 

Let’s start talking about these different benefits. 


The security that comes with fingerprint access control is very good and reliable. However, it’s not bulletproof. To contrast that it’s about as bulletproof as you can get especially when paired with another security measure like password protection. You may think that it’s still easy to hack but in reality, duplicating fingerprints is very hard. 

The way that this can happen is when someone swipes your fingerprint off a glass or something. This is something you see in the movies so it’s a bit less common unless you are under FBI investigation. Hackers which we will get into are our only other concern. But these are both top-level extreme situations as it really does provide some of the best security options out there. 


This is one of the best perks of having a system like this. You can let people come in who need to be doing so with ease. It’s also super easy to adapt and control when people move up in position and gain more access. It’s the easiest way to keep those who you don’t want out and let those who you do want in. 

Think about this in terms of someone needing to use a key. How many times do people struggle to find out which key to use, how slow it takes them to get in and out? The ease of putting your finger down is what makes this such a functional and efficient choice. As we know time is money and money is time. It also helps clean up the lost key problem which is what we certainly will get into now.

Saved Money

There is nothing more annoying for a company when someone loses a key. Not only is it an expense itself when it comes to replacing the individual key or even card swipe but it becomes a major security issue. When it’s a key this means redoing the lock system which can be very costly especially if this is a frequent thing. This is completely irrelevant when you have a fingerprint system. 


fingerprint access

Let’s talk about all the different flexible options you have when you work with this system. 

  1. You can set up a system that works at certain times of the week to allow access. 
  2. You can move people up and down in terms of access depending on their position. 
  3. You can upgrade the system without having to do a complete overhaul. 
  4. As mentioned you can make it more secure by adding a two-step verification process for the whole thing or just several areas. 

How does fingerprint access control work?

fingerprint access

We have a little bit of an idea of how the system functions but how does it really work? Why do companies go with this route and is it as easy as it seems? Well, let’s go over the quick process right now so you can feel familiar with it before committing. We will tell you this, it is pretty simple! 

This is what you need in order to successfully use a fingerprint access control system. 

  1. A fingerprint from the individual you are using to gain access. 
  2. A scanner that will analyze the fingerprint. 
  3. Someone to safely install the system so it works properly

Your Unique Print

The reason why the system works so well is that it takes your unique fingerprint from the lines on your finger and puts it in the system. Because our fingers are a biometric part that can’t be replicated (such as facial recognition or iris scans) no one will be able to gain access in place of you. 

The Technology

So then when you register your fingerprint you will need the technology to support the access system. It will be a scanner where you can place your fingerprint and it will be connected to the door and locking system. When it recognizes your fingerprint it will send a code to the door to allow itself to unlock. 

If you have ever traveled internationally you may have experienced these types of scanners at the airport when using the computer to register yourself for customs. This is actually the exact process a company would have in their own building. 

A Trusted Provider Installer

None of this actually works if you don’t have it installed correctly. Imagine if you were to install a system and it neer registered your fingerprint even though you are the owner of the company and should have access to all the areas. Well, this can certainly happen if the coding is set up poorly. 

That’s why it is imperative to have a trusted installer that has the capability of wiring. This is even more true when you deal with two-step verification processes. It adds a few layers of complexity and needs double reassurance that everything works cohesively. 

This may take some time in order to get what you need to be relayed to the security provider so don’t wait to start the process! 

Constant Updates

Something that you should be prepared for and is a benefit is the constant updating of the system. Now, this is not something that will occur every day but when you go for an old fashion system you don’t have updates. With a system like this, you will get updates to your phone or hub that will allow you to constantly change your fingerprint access control system. 

The systems usually automatically update themselves or this can be handled by your security provider. It’s not something that one really has to stress about. 

How to install fingerprint access control

While the overall installation system will remain similar among security providers, every unique setup will be different. Here is the process to expect. 

  1. First, you will have your set-up consultation where you can discuss what your property needs and what the company can offer you in terms of what their services are.
  2. Then when you have the base idea you should have a team member from the company you have chosen come out and look at the area. They can better understand the install when they actually see the property and they can make more security recommendations based on what they see. 
  3. After this, a final contract can be drawn up and the team of security members can come out. Depending on how big the project is will depend on what the timeline looks like for having the whole security system installed. 

Don’t forget that you can have additional things added which would in theory take longer to implement. 

Risks of having fingerprint access control

Honestly speaking there is not a whole lot of risk when it comes to having fingerprint access control installed along your property. The real risk is leaving yourself exposed and not taking advantage of the benefits. However, nothing is bulletproof as we mentioned before which is why you can go ahead and see what the risks are listed below. 

Risks include:

  • The initial cost and possibly more costs if it breaks down. 
  • Needing to rely on another company to help you if you get into a pickle.
  • It is not 100 percent guaranteed security as there is nothing out there that is 100 percent. 

Fingerprint access control FAQs

You are likely to have a good grasp of what fingerprint access control is at this point. But as with anything, it is a lot to ingest and there is still going to be questioned at the end of the day. That’s why we have dedicated this part to the most frequently asked questions among users. 

Are Biometric/Fingerprint Systems Expensive? 

The systems completely depend on what you have and what you need. The more high-end you go the more expensive it will be so it is hard to really pinpoint down a price. Having said that you can expect the systems to fall within $5-$10k. 

What Do I Do If My System Breaks Down?

This is why you need to work with a trusted security provider because not only will they be your install but they will also be your go-to when you need a hand when things start to go wrong. It may be covered by your contract if you have one. 

What Happens With Power Outages?

This also depends on the type of setup you have. If you are hooked up to electricity this obviously will shut down the system but most systems run on emergency batteries until they can get back up and running. Be sure to discuss this with your provider. 

Helios Product Showcase

This type of system is a great option for businesses but it is definitely a team effort. That’s why working with Helios Products and the entire team at Helios Security Systems can be such a great benefit. Let us take the work out of your hands by offering top-quality products and unparalleled professional services in South Florida. We are here every step of the way so please contact us today! 

The Best Option

When it comes to finding yourself a great security system fingerprint access control definitely hits the top of the list. While at first, it may seem like an expense it still doesn’t break the bank in comparison with some other systems on the market. It is reliable and a great option. 

But you need to make sure that when you decide to go this route you work with a good security team that can meet your needs! That’s why you should call us at Helios Security Systems today so we can start helping you throughout the process! 



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