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How an Integrated Commercial Security System Can Help Your Miami Business?

Dec 27, 2021

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. While it has made our lives a lot more convenient concerning our businesses, sometimes it can feel like tech overload. That’s why understanding an Integrated Commercial Security System and picking out a quality one is so important. 

While the name speaks for itself it doesn’t hurt to break down the entire security system which is exactly what we are going to do for you and your Miami business! 

What is an integrated commercial security system?

An integrated commercial security system has a lot of different components going on to make an all-in-one security system. They cover a wide variety of areas like video surveillance, trip alarms, monitoring services, and so much more. They all are wired or work on one server so that they can function together to make as close to a bulletproof system as you can get. 

This is done through a recognized security provider that has the certifications to work on the installs and monitoring of the system. Let’s talk about some of the things that can be included but are not limited to commercial security systems.

Video surveillance

Video monitoring is a big part of being able to ward off and catch anyone who tries to break in or steal from your business. 

Alarm system

Having a siren or some alarm go off when something is wrong is an important part of warning those nearby but also alerting authorities. 

Fire system

This is a safety measure necessary and often required by law. This includes fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Access control

We will dive deeper into access control but it allows those who should be given access to certain areas to get in with ease while keeping others out. 

Audio system

Being able to communicate through different channels across the property is both a convenience and security measure that helps your business. 

While these are some of the main categories, a commercial security integrated system can have so much more involved. This is just a general idea of the different sections of security that would work together. 

Why is it important to have an integrated commercial security system?

Based on the above you may start to feel like you are better off having an integrated system than not. This is true but there are a few specific reasons that make the most sense concerning your security system working together under one platform or server. 

Let’s break those down. 

Visibility and monitoring

We mentioned that video surveillance is a big part of the system and it can be arguable one of the most crucial aspects. Having all your monitors on one server is important in order to make sure video evidence is synced up and there are no gaps. 

On a different note, you want them to be paired with your alarm system because if for some reason your video gets cut out, it should trigger an alarm to alert your monitoring service that something may be wrong. 

Access Control

Access control is a system that can have a few different methods. Access control allows owners to choose who can go where within a business depending on how it’s wired. They can be done by card access such as swiping a key card, password control, or more tech options some a biometric access control

Biometric control relies on fingerprints, iris scans, facial recognition, or anything that provides unique DNA to the scanner so that it cannot be duplicated. 

Cost Saving

When everything is integrated together it actually can save you some money. The entire system may be expensive but when working with the same company you may be able to get all their products for cheaper rather than working with individual parts. A system that runs seamlessly is likely to cost less money in the long run. 

Emergency prepared & action

An integrated system as mentioned plays off each other. If the smoke detectors detect smoke they will set the alarm and alert authorities. This is the benefit of the system all working together rather than individual parts. This takes less action from the individuals and more on the system allows the people to get to safety first. 

Operational Efficiency

Part of the cost-saving comes from the fact that it is operating efficiently on one network or platform rather than individually. This becomes transparent in a number of areas such as being able to perform actions from one hub or one device rather than using a bunch of apps or needing to control it from different areas. 

How does an integrated commercial security system work?

We understand that there are a lot of different components to an integrated commercial security system. Most people wouldn’t understand exactly how they work because they are quite a complex system that needs to be installed by an experienced security team. Having said that, the concept itself is easy to grasp. 

Depending on the type of system you have will it will be wired or run wireless onto one system. If it is wired it will be wired back to a central hub. If it is wireless it will run on the same cloud server. 

This allows for all the devices to run together to make for an efficient system that allows the system to do the work for you. When video surveillance or other security features become tripped form activity it will alert the rest of the system to work together to protect the property and people. 

Integrated commercial security system Installation

When it comes to installing an integrated security system is requires a group of professionals with an electrician’s certification. It can get quite complicated even if it is based on a server. The process for the client however remains easy as you let your security company do the work for you. 

Here are the average steps and processes to expect when using an integrated commercial security system. 

  1. The initial consult is the first thing to happen. You can express your needs while your security company presents what they have to offer and divulge the basics of an integrated commercial security system,
  2. Once the general idea is laid out they’ll come to the property to see what can actually work in terms of products and installation. Depending on again whether you have it wired or not will depend on the properties capabilities. 
  3. Once the property layout is agreed upon by both parties a final contract can be done up for timing, products, price, etc.
  4. The actual installation process occurs!

Every property will be slightly different and have a different timeline along with what products they need or use. This will determine the length of installation and the final cost. It can vary by a lot. 

Most common integrated commercial security systems

Different businesses will have different needs when it comes to what type of security in their integrated commercial security systems are used. The most common products that are used however remain relatively the same. 

Security Cameras

Businesses more often than not need security cameras in the act of theft or break-ins. Unfortunately in South Florida, this is very common but as mentioned a video and security cameras system can help trigger other parts of your system to prevent/assist the situation. 

Some companies use thermal cameras which recognize movement based on body heat whereas other businesses may just work with night-vision cameras. While daytime cameras work, most of the crime concerns during dark hours so having a security camera that can pick up on figures in the night is important!

Alarm System

The alarm system is the most crucial part of the system. If you have customers inside the business during a possible issue, they need to be alerted immediately for their safety. It also helps police and authorities get to the scene quicker. This may come from lock triggers or video triggers. 

Fire/Smoke Detectors

Another crucial and required safety feature is a smoke and fire detector. This helps those evacuate who need to if they are present for a fire. It also plays a major part in the alarm system and works particularly well in this trio of security features. 

Integrated commercial security system FAQs

While you likely have a great idea of how these integrated security systems work it’s not uncommon to feel a little overwhelmed or not know where to start. That’s why this section is dedicated to the most frequently asked questions in case something sipped by! 

Does the system need to run on products that are all from the same company line?

Not necessary. It’s not unheard of to pair multiple companies who make security products together. The catch here is that they need to be able to run on the same server and work in a compatible way. This is something special that your security team can talk about in your initial consult. However, it is much easier to work with a system that does come from the same company. Their products are designed to work together and this can make a huge difference when updating the software or any bugs and glitches along the way. 

What happens if the power goes out?

When you work with a hardwired system it’s common to have concerns about the power going out and the system stops running. Likely, the system will operate on backup batteries to hold it over until the power can be restored. 

Do contracts cover maintenance issues with integrated commercial security systems?

While this is different from business to business, likely if you have a monitoring contract with a company they will offer a stream of benefits like fixing any mechanical issues. This is particularly true with companies that do the install. The contract itself is unique business to business and can be discussed in your initial consult. 

Helios Product Showcase (Upgrade your system with us today!)

Whether you are new to the process or you have a system, technology is constantly updating! Chances are you need upgrading with your fire alarm system or your security cameras so everything can run on the same server! Don’t wait to do this. Let us make your business operate smoothly and efficiently by calling us today! With top-of-the-line products and high-quality service, Helios Security Systems can be a fit for all your needs from start to finish! 

Make It Simple

There were a lot of moving parts to that which can make someone feel overwhelmed. The truth is putting in a functioning integrated commercial security system can make your life that much simpler. And a whole lot safer. You don’t need to start from scratch if you have some products that are already working for you. If you have some features not that can be wired in or put on a sever as some of the newer and necessary products that work too!

Just remember that you don’t need to buy it all. The most important elements come from having a video surveillance system, an alarm system, and a fire and smoke detector system. This covers some of the biggest areas of security and will keep you and your guests safe! 



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