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Jewelry Stores Door Access Control Systems for Broward County

Aug 5, 2022

Jewelry store in Broward County has a lot to offer all of their customers in sunny Florida. But a jewelry store is unfortunately also a target when it comes to theft, break-ins, and other forms of crime. Protecting your products and the people inside is a must. 

This is where jewelry store access control systems can be handy. But understanding what a jewelry store door access control system it can sometimes be overwhelming for anyone. Today you can walk away from this feeling a little more comfortable! 

Let’s not wait any longer! 

What is a Jewelry Store door Access Control?

A jewelry store door access control system gives complete control to the owner of the jewelry store in terms of who can enter the store and at what times. They can control all of this from their phone which makes it both a safety feature and a convenience. 

There are many different styles and methods when it comes to having a  jewelry store door access control system. A less tech advanced system could be just a pin pad feature. Others may be super and have intense biometric features and use iris scanning for recognition. It’s more like using a password than it is inserting a key. 

Importance of Jewelry Store Door Access Control

There are endless reasons to incorporate a jewelry store door access control system. But we can turn to three things that make the most sense to focus on. 

  1. Protecting  guests and clients
  2. Protecting employees working at the store
  3. Protecting your property and the products you sell 

It’s worth talking about this a little more because each of them offers a different aspect of the security system. 

Clients and Guests

No need to worry about unlocking the doors for opening hours because the system automatically does it for you. If you feel uneasy because there is some behavior outside that looks suspicious you can use the access control system to lock the doors and protect the inside. You likely will have a panic button as well to call for help if needed. 

Your Employees

Your employees should only be coming in and out when they work for your store. When you have an access control system they will only have access during those hours and then you don’t have to worry about employee theft. 

Your Product/Property

Your product is also important sometimes having a jewelry store means being a target. Having access control gives your store an extra layer of security to protect your jewelry and products. 

Benefits of having Jewelry Store door Access Control in Broward County

Your benefits are somewhat similar to what is listed above but instead, you can think more of convenience factors or additional bonuses that come with having access control. Let’s consider the following. 

Aid the Authorities

Having a system in place helps authorities because an alarm usually will go off if the access control is tampered with. This can allow for a more efficient response to help things move quickly and appropriately. 

Remote Access

Remote access usually means remote access to your doors but maybe to other aspects as well. So if you have a surveillance camera system you’ll have this access as well.  If you forgot to lock the door, no you can do it on the go! If you want to check on the store from the road you can!  


Convenience for your employees is also a benefit worth thinking about. No more need for keys and they can have keyless entry. IT eliminates losing keys and other costs that come with having them in the first place. 

What you should look for in a Jewelry Store door access control system?

A jewelry store should be an array of features in their jewelry store door access control system. Overall this should attach to a broader system that includes things such as panic buttons, video surveillance, vaults, and more! This is what will provide you with all-over protection. 


Vaults can lock your doors and keep your jewelry safe. Bluetooth access control ultimately will give you access to these locks and it’s important to have them in your hand rather than someone else. . With vaults you are looking at higher-tech options that may use biometrics to unlock. 

Panic Button

Having a panic button is a must. This is the best way to alert authorities and quickly deescalate a dangerous situation. Panic buttons are quick-to-hit buttons that will send a message to 911 immediately letting authorities know that someone has broken in. 

Sensors with Alarms

Another must is having a system with sensors and alarms. If someone is trying to meddle and access the access control system the sensors and alarms should alert authorities to come immediately. It may also set off alarms for third-party monitoring which is great to help get assistance on the scene immediately. 

Third-Party Monitoring Security

We mentioned third-party monitoring security. This is an additional step that a store can take to ensure some of the highest security possible for their store. This allows for a trusted security provider to monitor your store 24/7 so that no system error can happen. There is nothing better than human reliability which is why having a security provider on your team is one of the best options. 

Jewelry Store Door Access control system FAQs

Understanding what a jewelry store door access control system is is not the easiest task when you are not familiar. There are also a lot of questions that can come to mind when looking at your own business. That’s why this section is dedicated to the most commonly asked questions when it comes to jewelry store door access control systems. 

Are these types of systems expensive?

If you want good security then you probably will have to pay a higher price for it. This is important with jewelry stores. The more high-tech you get the more expensive you can expect it to be. Also, more features with different kinds of protections add to your costs. 

An access control system for a jewelry store is not something you want to cut corners with and save money.  One thing to keep in mind though at that price and quality aren’t two mutually exclusive things. If you work with a trusted provider you can get a sense of what system will work for you. 

Will, it keep functioning if the power goes out?

This is one of the most common questions because it is a reality that is possible. The answer depends on what type of system you have installed. A wired system will not as a wireless will. Typically in today’s age, you will find a system that has both aspects so they can cover for each other if the power were to go out. 

Are there middle-of-the-road options?

Absolutely. You don’t need to have all the bells and whistles. For your store, you want to cover as much as you can with the budget that you can afford. Working with a team member at a professional security store can help you find these options. 

To find these middle-of-the-road options then consider working with Helios Security Systems to allow them to help you find that middle-of-the-road option. Or find that high-tech much more advanced option. In our Helios Product Showcase, you will find that our products meet the standards of expert quality and our team members are no different. From start to finish nothing less than 100% satisfaction is what we aim for. 

Keep Things Tight in Access

Call today so you don’t have to wait to get installing something as important as jewelry store door access control. With all of the important reasons to have one as well as added benefits, the decisions should start to feel easier.  While it is highly encouraged to spend the money to get the most out of your system, there are some middle-of-the-road options to meet a variety of budgets. 

Everyone including your guests and employees will be thankful that you have an access control system that can give them more convenient options. But you can also take advantage of it yourself by checking in on the store whenever you want. 

Call Helios Security Systems today to get this ball rolling!



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