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How can you protect your home with Wired Security Cameras? An In-depth explanation

Feb 17, 2022

By checking out some of our other blogs, or a lot of security blogs, you’ll notice how many favors having wired security cameras. This doesn’t mean that wireless is of no use but there is something to be said about a strong connection. But wired security cameras come with it’s a fair share of complications like installation and potential power outages. 

Let’s talk about what they are, why you need them, and how to deal with any of these shortcomings that they may have. This is your ultimate in-depth explanation of wired security cameras. 

What are wired security cameras?

types of Surveillance Cameras

Wired security cameras are surveillance cameras that run on electricity. They are wired into your security system and that’s how they get their connection and power source. This is different from wireless because of course there are no wires and the system runs on the cloud or network to run the camera. 

Wired security cameras can come in all different types of cameras from the bullet to dome, night vision, and many more! Because of the reliable connection, a wired camera provides many companies and even residential homes opt for this choice.

Importance of having wired security cameras

There are a lot of reasons to have wired security cameras. The first thing that comes to mind is safety and security for both commercial and residential properties. But within this, we can find several reasons why you should consider having wired security cameras. 

  1. Having a reliable and stable connection is important for the video surveillance cameras to work. When you wire in you don’t need to worry about lag times as much because the power source is strong. 
  2. Proving a quick connection to your security team in commercial properties is important to take action on potential threats. This is something you can count on much more likely with a wired connection. 
  3. Wired security cameras can be directly wired into a total security unit. This makes things easier from a functionality standpoint so that everything runs cohesively on the same hub. 


Benefits of wired security cameras

There are a lot of benefits that come with having wired security cameras. Again safety is the biggest benefit of them all but this should be broken down into categories more digestible categories. 

Protect the People

When you have a reliable connection you can protect anyone that is inside the property. They can see things in real-time and have quick responses that best suit their safety. Even just having wired security cameras visible wards off criminals. 

Aid the Police

When it comes to catching a criminal you need to have clear surveillance for them to be detailed on camera. If the picture is fuzzy, lagging, or simply not working due to a network error you can’t help the police help you. When you have wired connection police will be able to depend on this video. 

Insurance wants to Help

When you have good quality products that keep your home or business safe like wired security cameras insurance will applaud that. They don’t want to fisk paying out money in the evifin did occur so likely they will offer to lower your monthly premium when one is installed. They may also offer to buy the products or help pay for the installation.  

How do wired security cameras work?

Wired security cameras are 24/7 running surveillance. And while they don’t run solely on the internet they can still be connected to the internet while being a wired security camera. They’re commonly known as DVR or digital video recovering because of the footage they provide by storing the videos. 

There are also wired cameras that are called NVR. These are said to be able to record high-quality videos. They also provide more benefits as a newer version such as two-way talking abilities that you would normally get when you go with a wireless solution 

How do you power a wired security camera?

Even though these are wired security cameras some people don’t realize that they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet. The wired security camera can either be a DVR like mentioned or a slightly different NVR. An NVR will use an ethernet cable to power the system while a DVR works from a coaxial cable. 

Best wired security cameras


So now that we understand a little bit about how these cameras operate and why we should get one let’s talk about the best ones currently on the market. Remember that without quality the cameras don’t serve their purpose anyway. 


HikVision has a variety of cameras from upscale thermals to their value-based series. This Value Plus line focuses on providing more storage options at better costs for customers. For those who are looking for something a little more high-end, they have it with their High-Definition line. HikVision takes care of customers with all different kinds of needs. 

Digital Watchdog

DW is one of the industry-leading recorders and surveillance camera businesses. Whether you are working with an IP address or Analog they have an extensive and impressive amount of products to choose from. They can adapt to just about any property to provide the ultimate coverage. 


Uniview technologies and cameras are the third-largest surveillance system used by China. They’ve had skin in the game for 16 years now and offer customers 360 VR cameras that allow them to see everywhere at all times. This is a new line of technology and one that is gaining speed. 

Wired security cameras FAQs

Wired security cameras are somewhat technical and that’s why it’s understandable that questions will pop up. It’s difficult to know whether you should get a wired security camera and if so what kind. This section is dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions about wired security cameras. 

What happens if the power goes out?

With the downside of wired security cameras running on electricity if the power does go out, it does pose an issue. Having said that most systems are designed to run on a backup battery or network until the true connection comes back. This covers your avenues and you don’t need to worry in case wires were purposefully cut. Be sure to check on this with your security provider because having a system that does not have a backup can be a real security threat. 

Does it make sense to choose wired over wireless?

As mentioned wired security cameras put forward an irreplaceable connection. And with the backup of wireless features, you don’t need to go with a wireless connection. Now wireless has become more popular in the market so you are likely to see a lot of security cameras being offered in this fashion.  It’s also not to knock a wireless product. In some cases, a home may not have the option to go wired and wireless may be the only route. These products are still great and worth considering. 

How does this change the installation process?

When you work with wired cameras you certainly need a certified professional to do the work for you. A technician will be able to determine what areas you can work with a wired connection and what areas won’t allow for it. Sometimes this is no problem at all while other homes have trouble accommodating this type of security camera. The installation process is not necessarily going to be more or less than a wireless security camera because the matter of fact is that wireless then needs to be connected to the network equally taking time. 

Your wired security camera is only going to be a good fit if it’s quality and comes at the right price. That’s why when you take a look at Helios Product Showcase there is nothing but satisfaction. But having a good wired security camera means it needs to be installed correctly. That’s why our team of professionals is ready to help you with the planning process, the product selection, and installation, and even the monitoring if need be! Don’t wait to call us today so we can help meet your security needs. 

Start Now!

Having a security system placed in any of your properties is always going to be an investment. That’s why making an investment that is going to be reliable and provides both safety benefits and convenience features is imperative. There are so many more advantages to having wired security cameras than there are to not having one. Aside from price, there is no real reason to wait. And insurance is likely to help pay for the products and installation or maybe even lower your monthly premiums. 

With this, you can protect those you love at home. Or in a commercial setting your guests and your employees. With wired security cameras, you can take advantage of that reliable 4K picture and see how things are going at home or the office. All from your phone! Today’s technology has made access easy which is another reason to get a wired security camera put in. 

Just remember that wired security cameras that are visible from the outside can deter criminals for up to 300%. That’s a number worth investing in. So start your processing and planning stage now with a highly trained team member at Helios Security.



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