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Residential Broward Fire Alarm System Installation and Benefits

Apr 5, 2022

There is nothing like Southern Florida heat which is why having a residential Broward fire alarm system is key! But fire alarms are a basic concept in our heads even though it’s worth knowing the installation and benefits that come along with it. Fire alarms are a legally required system and crucial to our safety. 

Residential fire alarm systems offer so many benefits and we are going to break those down to fully understand the importance of having one in Broward County. 

What is a Fire Alarm System?

fire alarm systems

A fire alarm system is a security system placed inside and sometimes outside of a property to ensure the safety of those in and out of the property. It works to detect not only fire but also smoke and likely carbon monoxide so that individuals don’t run the risk of breathing these unhealthy intoxicants in! 

We will take a deeper dive into the types of fire alarm systems and how they work to detect fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and more. This system is placed throughout the property so that all areas are covered and especially bedrooms where someone could be sleeping during a hazardous situation. 

These systems also work to alert authorities so that you can get yourself to safety while a response is being issued. 

Why is it important to have a Fire Alarm System at home?

A fire alarm system is legally required in Florida and in the United States in general. This is because it not only protects your property and your loved ones, but it also protects the surrounding areas. When we see fires get out of control (California) we, unfortunately, see communities and large areas being impacted. 

It also is important because it keeps your family, pets, and personal belongings as safe as possible. Fire alarms aid authorities to manage a situation before it becomes more difficult to control. 

Benefits of a Fire Alarm System in Broward

There are a lot of different benefits to having a fire alarm system in Broward. While listing them all out would take forever we can rely on a few important ones that make sense to talk about. 


Ultimately safety of your area, personal belongings and property, and anyone inside and around the house is the most important thing. Not only does it help with fires but also in situations where you may have carbon monoxide in the house which is an extreme hazard. 

Aid Authorities

Authorities want to get to the scene as quickly as possible. A fire alarm system allows them to respond in time that will be able to manage the fire or hazard in the best way. You don’t have to worry about getting to safety and calling the fire department or emergency services the fire alarm can certainly assist in that. 

Integrate Smart Systems

Technology continues to impress us and aid the home security world. A fire alarm system can be easily integrated into the rest of your home security depending on the type of product you get. While fire alarms don’t need to be tech advanced they are moving a lot with the rest of technology. 

Components of a fire alarm system

When looking for a fire alarm system it should have the main components that allow it to function the way that it should. Just so you understand what makes up a fire alarm system, let’s quickly go over them. 

Fire Alarm Control Panel: This is how the information travels to all the parts to relay the information that a hazard is present. 

Primary Power Supply: This is how your system functions whether it works as a wired system or it works as a wireless system you need a power supply for it to be on. 

Secondary Power Supply: This is your backup power supply in case something breaks. Usually, batteries can be deemed as your secondary power supply. 

Initiating Devices: They can be automatic or manual like a pull lever to alert there is a fire or a detection system (very common in residential) that sets the alarm off. 

Notification Appliances: This is how the system sends the message to you that there is a hazard. These are sirens, lights, and anything that grabs the attention of those around. 

Safety Interferences: This is to help authorities or people in the situation such as lighting to exit or something similar. 

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

There are several types of fire alarm systems on the market. Mostly this can be broken into photoelectric or ionization. Then either of these can be a wired or non-wired system. Let’s explore what that means. 


Ionization uses chemicals to detect that there is a fire present. This is helpful for the flaming stage of a fire. 


Photoelectric uses light to trigger a warning because of the smoke blocking the light beams in the detector. This is ideal for smoldering fires that have a lot of smoke. 


Since both detectors work slightly differently you might find that people use a combination throughout the property. 


Wired alarm systems work through your electricity to provide power. To the system. Wired systems sound as they are and are directly wired into the wall and electrical source. 


Non-wired is a technological way of updating the system. While they have their pros and cons this is great for houses that don’t have a way to directly wire in. 

Which type of Fire Alarm System is Best?

When are Fire Alarm Systems Required?

There is no one system that is technically best however there are fire alarm detection systems that work better in certain situations than others. Some homes don’t have the opportunity to wire into a home’s main electrical source which is why wireless works great. Other homes don’t have the ability to connect to a network so wiring is the only way. 

Both photoelectric and ionization are great options for a home because they have reaction times that are within just a few moments of each other. Or you can always use a combination like mentioned. 

Certifications required for fire alarm systems in Broward

In order to have a fire alarm system put in place in your home, it has to be from someone who has the right certifications required by the state of Florida and by the county of Broward. Here are the major certifications that would work in terms of someone installing your fire alarm system. 

  • Certified Fire Alarm Technician Levels I-V by the Electronic Security Association.
  • Certified Systems Integrator by the Electronic Security Association. 
  • Certification in Fire Alarm Systems by National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies. 

Fire Alarm System FAQs

Who would have thought a fire alarm would have so many components to it? That’s why we have taken this section to dedicate it to the most frequently asked questions. Fire alarms should leave no questions as they are a key part to your safety.

How do I know whether my home should have a wired or wireless fire alarm system?

This is something that you can work with a certified security professional to figure out. It can be difficult for someone who is not certified to figure this out which is why working with someone who is experienced can be so key in finding out which is going to work for your home. 

Working with experienced security professionals can help you in a variety of ways in figuring out what are the best products for your home regarding fire alarm systems as well as the layout and positioning of your system. 

Am I able to perform my own maintenance on a fire alarm system?

There are general maintenance tips that you can do yourself such as cleaning and getting any dust out of the system if there is any. You also can likely change your own batteries. But other issues with the system should be looked at by someone who has a certification so they can properly identify if there are any issues or if it is working as it suppose to. 

How often do fire alarm systems need to be replaced?

The consensus is that a fire alarm system should be replaced about every 10 years. Fire alarm systems get natural wear and tear from just existing and the power systems or battery life can start to drain and have less quality. First, you should have your fire alarm inspected by a verified individual or firefighter who can determine if your fire alarm system does in fact need to be replaced. Then you can decide how to proceed with the new system!

Fire alarm systems are crucial to have in a residential property. But your fire alarm system only works if the people who are installing it have experience and do it correctly. That’s why working with the right security provider is also crucial. Here at Helios Security not only do we have top-quality fire alarm system products but we have a team of individuals that are ready to serve you and help install these products! Call us today to start talking about your fire alarm system plan!

Don’t Wait for a Hazard

Fire alarm systems are required by Florida and Broward County. They are an important part of keeping your home safe and frankly others as well. They have tons of benefits and are something we don’t think about often because they are relatively low maintenance. But making sure you have the right system in place and functioning properly is key. This can only happen when you have it installed by the right people who have experience and certifications.

When the system is put in place correctly you are aiding the authorities to be able to serve you as efficiently as possible. They can respond a lot quicker when they rely on the systems notification system rather than an individual getting to safety than calling them. This also allows you as the individual to just worry about your personal safety and health. 

The type you end up with may depend on what your property can offer you. When it comes to photoelectric and ionization there are subtle differences but both systems work efficiently in all homes. Using a combination can get the best of both worlds if you don’t want to choose one over the other. 



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