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Thermal Security Cameras in Miami: Why are they important?

Nov 20, 2021

Security systems have been increasing in safety with technology advancements for the past decade. With owning a business in Miami comes certain risks with crime and burglaries. That’s why implementing high-tech security features like Thermal Cameras are a great idea.  With so many different options to choose from in terms of security cameras, it can be overwhelming. Thermal Security Cameras are one of the higher quality cameras with many benefits.  Let’s explore them. 

What are Thermal Security Cameras?

Not all security cameras function perfectly at all times of the day. For instance, when it starts to get dark you may realize you are dealing with a fuzzy picture and it’s unclear who is walking around when. Thermal security cameras take care of this problem because they rely on body heat imaging to determine who is around.  This is really important for processing whether there is an animal or an actual human being around so that alarms aren’t constantly tripped and set off. Thermal security cameras are great in both daytime and nighttime. Their strength however is operating in the dark. 

Why is it important to have a thermal security camera in Miami?

While Miami and South Florida in general is beautiful place to have a home or business, there are some risks in terms of safety and security. We will get into the benefits but in general, we have an overall focus on safety. This could mean detecting a potential break-in or even preventing a massive fire.  How does a thermal camera prevent a fire from getting out of control? Since thermal imaging works with the heat this is how it could detect smoldering flames. This is one of the many benefits. This makes things easier for qualified authorities to locate the fire quickly and efficiently. 

Benefits of Having Thermal Security Cameras in Miami

While most of the benefits are going to revolve around safety there are different aspects we can take a look at. Let’s get a little more into the specific safety benefits that thermal cameras can give you as a business or residential owner. 

True Detection

Thermal security cameras have a differentiation which is fantastic. A lot of the time with poor quality detection you can have mistakes made with alarms when an animal trips off the alarm. With thermal detection, they can detect different body images and heat temperatures to ensure that these mistakes aren’t made. 

Camouflage Detection

Something that normal cameras don’t detect well is camouflage. This is normal when there is an intentional break-in. It’s normal to have intruders where camouflage or all-black. Since thermal energy relies on body heat it doesn’t matter what the person is wearing. 

Clear Picture

Clear imaging in thermal cameras has the best quality in terms of what you can see. While the price may be higher, this is worth it for business and residential homes that want to up their safety levels. 

The Best Thermal Security Camera

A thermal camera is only as good as its quality. With grainy images or poor heat processing mechanisms the camera can’t function in the way that it’s meant to. There are a lot of options on the market with a range of prices. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a high price means a good thermal security camera. That’s why we are going to break down some of the best thermal security cameras on the market today. 

Alibi Security

Alibi Security offers a range of products with a specialty in thermal cameras. One of their big benefits right now is their ability to detect high temperatures and possible signs of sickness. They also have mask detection and the ability to choose a system that detects up to 15 people at a time. Different businesses will have different needs. For instance, a grocery store may only care about their customers coming in terms of whether they are sick or not rather than security. This may lead to the purchase of a Single-Person Wrist Temperature detector.   Other businesses may look towards more secure thermal camera monitors and cameras. 


thermal-security This is a brand some may recognize as Hikvision is a leading video surveillance company in the world. They are based out of France and have a lot of different thermal cameras to take a look at. That gives customers the option to find something that meets their specific needs. Most of these cameras come in bullet shape but there are a few dome-shaped cameras as well.  Something that they offer that not a lot of companies do is handheld thermal cameras for the security guards who walk around at night to hold. 


thermal-security The Mobotix thermal security camera is one of the more complicated and interesting products on the market. That’s because it has its very own IP address and uses the cloud as a server. It also functions very similarly to a computer offering a high-resolution result and virtually taking up no bandwidth. This allows for a smooth ride.  The servers are encrypted for those worried about any of your live streams being hacked. This is an important point to consider for many as cyber security has become a big deal. 

How Far Can Thermal Cameras See?

Thermal cameras all have their own ranges in terms of how far they can see. You may have some that don’t zoom in very far while others can go the distance. This is why there is usually a need for multiple cameras in order to maintain quality and capture all the necessary areas.  Whether you need long-range or short-range will completely depend on the makeup of your property. Some cameras will start at about 100 feet and you can see others go up to 1500 meters in length. 

What is the Difference Between a Thermal Camera and an Infrared Camera?

thermal-camera A lot of people mistake thermal cameras for infrared cameras but the truth is they have some very important differences. In general, how they process the image is completely different and thermals tend to be a slightly more reliable option. 

  • The imaging in a thermal camera comes from the emitted radiation from the body. This allows for little room in terms of the view being obstructed. That’s because it is not trying to process a picture. 
  • Infrared is the opposite where it needs to rely on the picture and the light to process what is going on in front of it. It still is reliable but not quite as much as the thermal camera. It can be obstructed by things like smoke or offlight. 
  • Each specific camera will have its own ranges that they can cover, infrareds have zero heat detections and other benefits and differences camera to camera separate not only the types but the brands as well. 

To determine what type of security camera you need will depend on the level of security wanted and what type of property you own. Some customers are completely fine with having infrared cameras while others prefer to have thermal imaging for better security. 

Thermal Security Cameras in Miami FAQs

When it comes to incorporating thermal security cameras in your property in Miami you may feel both secure and still confused. There is quite a bit of information to process in terms of how they function and whether you really need to go all the way and get one. That’s why this section is specifically dedicated to the most frequently asked questions regarding thermal security cameras.  While you may have more questions unanswered after this section, just remember that you can always speak with a representative from an experienced security company to answer any further questions. 

How do I know if using a thermal security camera is right for my property? 

Thermal security cameras are among some of the highest security cameras out there. While anyone can really benefit from the use of a thermal security camera they are tailored to those with businesses that need high-tech security. This includes financial institutions, medical centers, tech buildings, etc. This also includes government property. This is the general level of seriousness that would be considered a good fit for a thermal camera. Someone like an ice cream store may feel more comfortable using thermal imaging and that’s OK! But they don’t need a thermal camera like some other businesses may feel they need one. 

How complicated is the install process when it comes to thermal security cameras?

The system set up of a thermal security camera, in general, follows the same pattern from property to property. What changes is their layout and this is what can make a setup more or less complicated. Any experienced team will have no issue putting together an appropriate layout and plan that perfectly secures your property. For larger projects, they may have a larger team so the installation doesn’t span over too much time. 

Are our thermal cameras covered by insurance companies?

While thermal cameras may not be completely covered by insurance it is definitely worth trying. This is because insurance companies want to convince their clients to make their buildings safer to lower the chances of them having to make a payout if something were actually to go wrong. In these cases, they may offer to help with the installation costs or even offer to reimburse you for products  There may be some exclusions so this is a good reason to go ahead and check.  If you don’t have an insurance company that is willing to offer you anything it is also a good idea to work with the security company that you may choose to do the installation and buy the products from. There may be special discounts or promotions in order to attract more customers. 

Helios Product Showcase 

When it comes to choosing the right equipment Helios understands. That’s why we offer some of the best products on the market when it comes to thermal imaging and security cameras. But it’s not just about the product that you end up purchasing which is why Helios is happy to be there every step of the way for their clients. From the initial consultation to the end setup, all services are offered to their clients.  Experienced team members can answer any questions or concerns you may have as well as offer other important security services for your business. 

Talk It Over

There is a lot to know when it comes to understanding thermal security cameras and how they function. They can be a great fit for everyone but they are an expensive choice for security. That’s why calling up a security expert is always a great idea so you can talk out what makes the most sense. If you do decide to go with the reliable camera there is still some room to be discussed such as planning what specific type you want to work with and how many you will need to cover the area.  These cameras are meant for businesses that need high security such as banks, government properties, and tech buildings. Because thermal cameras don’t rely on the picture to come together by light, almost nothing can obstruct it. Even smoke! Thermal imaging is also super handy for authorities and firefighters that are trying to detect where the flame is in a property.  Just remember that your thermal security camera is only as good as its quality and even more so only as good as the setup. Call Helios today to see what kind of promotions and sales are occurring and talk about your thermal security camera plan! 



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