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What are the benefits of having Home Security Systems in Broward?

Mar 25, 2022

With technology propelling us into the future there are so many benefits that we can take advantage of daily. Something that most people don’t think of is how technology has improved our home security systems. Not only do they provide amazing safety features but some convenient factors need to be mentioned as well. 

The best part is it can be as intense or simple as you want it to be. Having a home security system in Broward is a major advantage. Let’s talk about all the benefits, what it is, and how to improve your day-to-day life! Something that may shock you is that Broward County is in the 6th percentile for safest counties. That means 94% of other counties are safer than Broward. The rate of home break-ins is alarming which is why you need an actual alarm to do something about it. A home security system can increase your safety by a massive amount. 

It also keeps things up to date and allows for convenient factors like letting your kids in from school when you are away at work. Having a security system in Broward is a must-have. 

Benefits of home security systems in Broward

Benefits of a Burglar Alarm System in Miami

There are so many benefits of having even the smallest home security system in Broward. Most will revolve around safety factors but as we mentioned several convenient factors should be left out either! 

Deter Criminals

We mentioned that by having a home security system you can increase your safety. Having visible cameras or even a sign that says you have a home security system can deter criminals by up to 300%. That’s a massive advantage. It also keeps them from hanging around your neighborhood! 

Keeping Loved One’s Safe

Because of its ability to deter and respond if a break-in were to happen, it gives you the chance to protect your loved ones. Depending on what type of equipment you have it can sound alarms to give anyone inside indication that someone is trying to break in. 

Protect Your Property

Home security systems also protect your property. You may have valuables that don’t get stolen because you deter the criminal. Or you may have locks that activate when someone tries to force the code. There are so many different ways a home security system protects your property. 

Aid the Police

A super important benefit is that you are aiding the police when you have a system that is put in place. They not only will be notified much earlier than if you had to get to safety and call yourself. It also helps that video surveillance cameras can provide detail to police of the criminal that’s broken in. 

Access Control 

Access control has to be one of the top benefits of convenience. Being able to remotely check on your home is such a comfort. It also allows you to check on pets or the elderly and even communicates with a theme in most cases. If you need to unlock and lock your doors when you are away from home the system can do that too. 

Lower Insurance

When you make your home safer, your insurance company will be happy. That’s why it is great to make sure that you include them in your plans. Likely it will offer your monthly premium or they may even pay for the installation or equipment. 

Types of home security systems

Understanding the different types of home security systems is important. Some people prefer to have a more advanced system while others don’t mind just having a doorbell camera. Let’s talk about some of the options residents use. 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are some of the most important and most popular parts of a home security system. This is what can capture any criminal activity and allow you to monitor the home when you aren’t there. 


Alarms are usually tied into your surveillance cameras or entry points. When a window, door, or any other area is tripped when the alarm is set on, cameras usually begin rolling and recording footage. Alarms like sirens and lights may go offers similar to how your fire alarm system would. Likely they will all be tied in together. 

Bluetooth Access Control

Bluetooth Access Control is how you control all of the moving components. You can do it from a hub or right from your phone. It will allow you to control the settings of everything and monitor what’s going on with your property at all times. 

Wired or Wireless

All of the above can come in either a wired or wireless fashion. Wired systems are tied directly into your electricity and are very reliable. This is true except for when the power goes out. Usually, they have a backup function and work wirelessly. Wireless systems work from the cloud and never go out but may have a lag if the connection is not great. 

How to choose the best home security system?

Choosing the best home security system is not an easy task. It’s always best to talk it over with trained and experienced home security professionals like Helios Security. The reason being is that the experts will know how to best protect your property within your budget. They also understand what the installation will require which is why you may have to go with a wired or wireless option. 

Do all home security systems come with a security camera?

Most home security systems should put cameras as the priority as they tend to be some of the most useful features. However, it’s not always a guarantee that it comes. Home security could be access control only which focuses on allowing people to come and go as you wish with the property. Most of the time it is common to have some sort of security camera incorporated into home security systems. 

A lot of home security systems can also be customized based on the property’s needs. This can be a combination of different types of security cameras like doorbell cameras and inside or outside cameras. They can be custom to work with alarm triggers, access control, and services that alert and call authorities to help. 

Home security systems FAQs

Understandably home security systems can be overwhelming for most. Personal questions regarding the property are best to be answered by a specialist at a security provider. However, there are several frequently asked questions that we can go over in this section now!

How long does the installation process take?

This question depends on the type of property you have and how complicated your home security system is. Since most people have standard home security systems the installation likely can be done in a few hours. If you have a big property and are installing all the bells and whistles this may take a full day or two. Especially when wiring has to be configured to ensure that the system is installed correctly. 

Can I install the system myself?

Some things that are easy to set up will have instructions for you to install. Having said that if you have a system that needs to be wired or put on the cloud (most do) then you are better off hiring a security professional to do the job for you. The reason behind this is because if you happen to install the equipment in wrong it won’t provide you any of the benefits we mentioned above.

 A home security system is only safe if it is working correctly. Above all when working with wires there are major safety concerns. This requires a certification or an electrician to do this line of work. You can find people who do this at security providers like Helois. 

Do I need third-party monitoring?

This is completely up to the owner. Third-party monitoring is when you hire a company to monitor your property rather than self-monitoring. Usually, this is reserved for commercial properties but is not out of the question. Third-party monitoring can be especially helpful when you are away and you just want to enjoy the vacation rather than check in on your cameras at home all the time. 

Reasons some people don’t like third-party monitoring for residential areas is because they feel like there’s not enough privacy. This is something you can ask the company you work with. 

A home security system is only as good as the products you work with. That’s why we want to take the time to encourage you to check out Helios’ product showcase. Here we have the best quality products for great pricing. But more importantly, we have a trained team ready to help you with the planning process, installation, and any other maintenance or monitoring needs. Remember you don’t want just anyone installing your equipment. To make sure you get the bang for your buck, you need someone who understands security systems inside and out. 

No Brainer!

As you can see there are an enormous amount of advantages when it comes to owning a home security system. While safety above all is the priority it’s also evident that some features just make life a whole lot easier. This includes saying hello to your pet on your lunch breaks! Or better lock the door after you know your kids forgot too. A home security system in Broward is imperative because unfortunately, it does not rate well in terms of safety. 

Just having a system can increase your safety by up to 300% without a criminal even thinking twice about approaching your door and even your neighborhood. If the criminal proceeds anyways you will be covered by being alerted along with authorities to ensure help is quickly on the way. 

Lastly, don’t sweat the price. Most of the time insurance companies will be super grateful that you chose to make your property a lot safer. It helps them not have to pay out if something happens so they are likely to lower your monthly premium. Try to squeeze more out by having them pay for the installation too!



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