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What to look for when buying a home security camera system in Miami?

Mar 28, 2022

Home security systems are becoming increasingly popular. And if you live in the Miami or South Florida area you should consider getting one for safety reasons. It’s a beautiful place to live but unfortunately, crime remains high in the areas with a specific focus on break-ins and theft. But some people don’t know exactly what to look for with their home security camera systems. 

This piece will break down what a home security camera system can do you for and why you really do need one in Miami. With all the features and updates thanks to technology it can be hard to keep up! We can help you do that. 

What is a home security camera system?

Benefits of a Burglar Alarm System in Miami

A home security camera system is a security system that places one or many surveillance cameras around the home. They can all be the same type of camera or it can a few different cameras that serve different purposes. The latter is the most likely because it allows for all your grounds to be covered from indoors to outdoors. 

Home security camera systems also have a plethora of benefits and allow users to check in on their homes whhomeshey aren’t around. But home security camera systems can do a lot more than a lot so let’s dive in. 

Why do I need a home security camera system?

Miami is only rated safer than 10% of other cities in the U.S. You may not feel that way living in the sunshine state but unfortunately it’s true. Out of the accounted roughly 15,000 crimes that happen, property crimes make up for about 13,000 of them. This goes to show you that having a home security camera system is crucial to keeping your property and loved ones safe. 

Not only can you check on things when you are not home but you can aid authorities in the unfortunate event that a break-in does happen. You can also hook up your surveillance system to other parts of a security system to make things flow and more efficient. 

Features on a home security camera system

So when it comes to looking for a good home security camera system you want to make sure it has the essential features that make it valuable in the first place. So if you have someone that is outside it should be activated or be able to see if it is dark in the first place. These are just a few examples of our list below. 

– Motion Activation

Motion activation is incredibly important. When someone approaches an entry point or door your camera should automatically start recording so that it doesn’t miss anything if something bad were to happen. This should alert you and let you know that there is someone potentially around your house so you can see for yourself. This is often near doors and doorbell activation cameras are really common in this field as well. 

– Flexible Video Resolution

You need to be able to see at different times of the day. When it gets darker your resolution should get better, not worse. This is why a home security camera should have a flexible resolution so that it can be reliable in all settings. This ensures quality pictures at all times. 

– Video Storage

If your security camera system was to run out of storage like our iPhones do then how safe is that? Having plenty of storage is very important and having a backlog of video can be the reason why you crack a case and get a criminal off the street. Whether it’s stored manually on a chip or it is put up in the cloud you need plenty of space. 

– Design and Durability

This is specifically true when it comes to outdoor cameras. You need a camera that is going to last you sometime so you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire system every time it breaks down. When it comes to outdoor terrain you need to be able to have a product that withstands rain, wind, and debris. 

Cheap Cameras vs. High-End Cameras

Investing in your home security camera system is important. However, understanding the differences between cheap cameras and high-end cameras are often confused. Just because a security camera has the biggest price tag doesn’t mean it is the best in the business. And if you invest in a cheap camera that breaks down it’s very possible you won’t’ be able to take advantage of any safety benefits at all. 

Finding a camera by focusing on the list above is important rather than focusing on the price tag. That way you get quality over anything and can have a reliable system that keeps you safe. 

Types of home security camera systems

There are a lot of different home security camera systems because a lot of homes need different things. Let’s go over some of the most common types of security cameras to see what combination may make the most sense. 

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are among some of the most popular residential property security cameras. These are cameras that sit in the doorway and are activated when someone approaches the door or rings the doorbell. They could be a dome camera or another type depending on the preferences. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are designed for properties that have long driveways. They don’t shoot a wide picture but they can see the distance which is why they are popular for those who have extended entryways. You can see who is at the front entrance from far. 

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Indoor and outdoor cameras are different which is why some cameras make a combination of the two so you can place it anywhere. Outdoor needs to accommodate for darker times and be weatherproof. Indoor cameras obviously don’t need to worry about the weather but being able to see at night is important too. 

Nightvision Cameras

Nightvision cameras are something that every household needs. If you can’t see clearly at night then you aren’t protecting your home right. This is because most crime happens when it is dark out so being able to accurately see what’s going on is important. 

How to choose the best home security camera system?

So how do we choose the best system? It can be difficult to make a choice while not knowing the nitty-gritty of each system. Having said that it is increasingly popular to have a combination of different cameras where it best covers the spot. You may want nighttime bullet cameras outside and also have a doorbell camera. This is normal and a security provider will likely recommend this root as it provides a safer plan to cover all areas. 

Home security camera system FAQs

Home security camera systems seem to be the hot new item. But no one dives right into purchasing one without getting a few questions answered. We understand that which is why we have provided a frequently asked questions section to make things a little more comfortable. 

Will insurance help me cover some of these costs?

If you didn’t know the hack before you do know it now. Insurance wants to help you keep your property as safe as possible because that means they are less likely to have to pay out when a break-in doesn’t happen. For this reason, they are usually willing to lower your monthly premium and possibly help pay for the installation or help offer discounts on the products you buy. This is a win for everyone so you should be sure to check in with your insurance provider while you make these decisions. 

Does a home security camera system work at all times?

The idea is that your home security camera system should in fact be running 24/7 and working at all times. However, a system like this is not always bulletproof and it is important to understand the risks that can be associated with having them. A home security camera system may not work if the power goes out and it runs on a hard-wired system through your power. Some cameras work through the cloud and network and this won’t be an issue. 

Is it worth it just to get one security camera?

Any bit of security is always going to decrease your chances of having a break-in. It can increase your safety by up to 300% by having something visible to ward off threats. Having said that you can also never have too much. Depending on what you need you can discuss this with a security provider to ensure that all your areas are covered according to your budget. 

Your security setup is only as good as the team that puts it into place. That’s why working with a company like Helios Security is the best move you can make! With an outstanding product showcase, you are sure to get the best products for the best rates to ensure your Miami home is safe. But your security system is only beneficial if it is installed correctly which is why when you work with Helios you can count on us to help you every step of the way. 

Keep an Eye Out

Having a home security camera system is one of the best ways to take advantage of a lot of benefits. You want to keep your property safe but more importantly, you want to keep those in it safe as well! When you have a camera system like this implemented then you can help authorities keep criminals off the street. 

This only works if you have cameras that work all day and times and are motion activated. That’s why when you choose a camera you want to make sure it has the most important features available to you and is of good quality. Just remember good quality doesn’t necessarily mean the highest price or being cheap. Invest in your safety and you will see the benefits. 

Don’t stress about knowing which type of system will work best for you. A security provider like Helios can make this happen and ensure that your home is covered from the ground up with the best technology.



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