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Why are Surveillance Cameras a MUST to secure your home or business in Broward

Apr 28, 2022

Having a home or business in Broward has os many benefits. The weather is beautiful and there is so much to do around this area. However, most people aren’t aware of just how much crime occurs. With break-ins being the most popular crime in the area it is so important to secure your business or home with surveillance cameras. 

Surveillance cameras are an integral part of any security system. They are the backbone of providing evidence to authorities and even keeping a crime from occurring in the first place. The investment of having surveillance installed is well worth it. That’s why we will go through what these systems are and what they can do for you. 

What are surveillance cameras?

types of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a system that is integral to your property’s security. A surveillance camera comes in a lot of shapes and sizes that need different types of surveillance needs. Essentially all surveillance cameras will record or live stream a particular area that can either be accessed afterward or remotely via phone or app.

Surveillance cameras are used for both residential and commercial properties because they provide the ultimate safety in both types of properties. 

Importance of surveillance cameras in Broward

There are so many reasons why it is important to have a quality surveillance system. Let’s go over some of these and how you can personally benefit!

Stop criminals in their tracks

The first thing to consider is that a surveillance system can help deter criminals and provide a safer environment. They are 300% less likely to break into a property when either a sign or a security system (especially cameras) is visible. Because this increases their chances of being caught, they walk away.

Aid police catch the bad buys

The next reason why it is important is that it can help authorities catch the actual criminal breaking in if it is that type of situation: without video evidence, it can be difficult for police to locate the person even if there is a description provided by a witness. 

Avoid workplace fraud

Surveillance cameras make things safer. But they also decrease the likelihood of workplace issues coming up. Often businesses experience employee theft, fraud, or unproductive work habits. Security cameras help eliminate these issues. 

Help out your neighbors 

When you protect your property you are also making the neighborhood that much safer. Criminals are likely to not even break into other properties such as houses or businesses if they suspect the neighborhood is under high security. This provides a benefit to all than just your own business or home. 

Types of surveillance cameras


When thinking about how many different types of security or surveillance cameras there are it can be incredibly overwhelming. Even within the main categories of surveillance cameras, we can further break it down into subcategories. 

Let’s take a look at the overall categories of surveillance cameras. They are:

  • Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • Wired Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

      Floodlight Cameras

      Doorbell Cameras 

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are commonly used in residential property settings. This is because you would like to see who is at the door before answering it or letting them know you are on the other side. They can be activated once the doorbell is pushed or even by motion activation if they are outside. 

The instance where this would work well for a business is when they don’t usually suspect visitors. A school is just one example but somewhere where there is a high-tech security situation makes sense as well. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are more seen at commercial properties. These look like a bullet shape and can see down long driveways or far in the distance. This could make sense for residencies that also have long driveways. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras can come in the form of a doorbell camera. They have a dome shape and are meant to provide a wide-angle view. They are also great because people can’t see which direction the cameras are pointing. 

Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras make sense for all properties and buildings. Usually, nighttime is where crime occurs so having something that can see at night is important. Many different types of night cameras work such as thermal cameras, infrared cameras, and more. 

What you should look for in surveillance cameras

Regardless of what kind of camera you are looking to buy for your property you want to make sure that it has qualities that are not only appealing but also functional. That’s why we can break this down into a few different categories to look at. 

  • High Resolution is the first one on our list because what good is it to have a security camera if you can’t see the video it is trying to record or produce? Being able to see at all times of day and night is important to protecting your home so having a high-quality resolution is one of the priorities. 
  • Price (Sort Of) matters but not for the reasons you think. Investing in a quality system is crucial. If you want to have high-resolution chances are you are going to have to pay for it. Having said that it doesn’t mean or translate to the fact that not all systems that are expensive mean they are good quality. Ensuring that you pay for high quality and get high quality is important. 
  • Software Capability is another thing worth looking at. When you install a surveillance system in your home or business. You don’t want to be reinstalling a new one within a year. You want this system to update itself to stay on top of things including any bugs or just stay present with the industry’s needs. 
  • Smart Home Capability is the last thing to consider. If you own a lot of the same smart home software throughout your house it may make sense to pair your surveillance camera with the same brand or one that is compatible. Syncing up your smart home to your system is one of the conveniences of today. 

Surveillance cameras FAQs

Understanding surveillance cameras and learning about them are two completely different things. It may take some time to understand the concept and how it can work for you every single day. Questions constantly come up and that’s why this section is dedicated to the most frequently asked questions regarding surveillance cameras. 

Is it better to have wireless or wired surveillance cameras?

No system necessarily points to be better than the other. They both present their advantages and disadvantages and sometimes it is not up to a business whether they have wireless or wired. If there is no data network strong enough to have a wireless system it must be wired. Wireless systems are great and easy to update. The only problem is that if the network goes down the video and surveillance cameras will experience issues. Wired cameras don’t have this. Their issue is that when the power goes out, so do they. 

How do I install surveillance cameras?

When it comes to installing surveillance cameras the best thing to do is to hire a trusted security company. When there is wiring involved you need a certified electrician to do this work. And you also want someone who knows how to work with Tech/IT when installing a wireless system. A good system may be too complicated for the average person to install themselves. Some of the more simple cameras may be OK but in general, you want a certified security employee to do this for you. 

Is it normal to have several different types of surveillance cameras in one setting?

Absolutely. Regardless of whether you are a business or you are a residential property different cameras can meet different needs. For instance, bullet cameras are great for long entryways. Dome cameras are better for when someone is approaching the door. Having several different types of security and surveillance cameras would make the property much safer. 

It’s also good because you can work the security cameras into an entire security system. This is common when you have brands that make several security products. And if you have products from multiple brands just make sure they are Bluetooth compatible. 

Finding the right products when it comes to surveillance cameras can be difficult. Even knowing what to get in the first place is overwhelming. That’s why when you work with a member from Helios Security you can cover all your bases. Not only will an employee help you pick out what the best products are for your property but they will also point you to the highest quality products that meet your budget. There is no stopping there are installation services, monitoring services, and much more offered at Helios Security. 

Get Set Up Today

There is no time like the present. When it comes to having surveillance cameras on any type of property in the Broward area it is crucial not to waste time. Just having a security presence alone can ward off threats by 300 percent. But we understand that you can feel paralyzed with what products to use. After all, there are dome cameras, bullet cameras, night vision, and so much more to choose from. 

Understanding that any camera at all is a big help to your property’s safety and security. They provide benefits like deterring criminals, aiding the police, and even cutting down workplace fraud or theft. Whether they are indoor or outdoor cameras, covering some of these spaces increases your safety significantly. 

Don’t stress about the installation because working with a member from Helios Security you can ensure that from step A to Z you are covered! Choosing a plan that is right for your business and your needs is the beginning stage. Then everything is taken care of from installation and even monitoring services if necessary! Call Helios today! 



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