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Why should you install door access control on your business or home in Florida?

Mar 18, 2023

Security needs keep evolving all the time. As we become aware of certain types of risks, and as technology keeps changing, different ways of controlling the security of your home or business also change. One of the latest developments in security is door access control. 

In the simplest terms, door access control just means setting up a system that only allows certain people access to your home or business. What is more, door access control is more sophisticated than a lock and key. Door access control is an electronic system that can recognize certain types of access procedures.  

There are many great reasons to think about door access control for your business or home. For one thing, modern door access control systems are flexible, giving you the freedom and power to determine who has access and to revoke that access as you see fit. 

What is door access control? Who uses door access control? And what are the facts about door access control? This guide will introduce you to the facts and benefits of door access control. 

What is door access control?

Door access control systems are digital security systems that make it possible for you to control access to your business or home. Rather than the conventional lock and key system, door access control systems ensure that only authorized people can gain access to your grounds using a digital system that is far more secure than locks and keys. 

Door access control systems not only authorize access to your business or home they let you know who has used the system and when. Door access control systems replace keys with things like entry cards, key fobs, mobile app barcodes, and other types of electronic and trackable methods of access. 

Who uses door access control systems?

Door access control systems have been used for quite some time by organizations and businesses that require extremely tight security and monitoring of who can come and go within these sites. One of the most important advantages of door access control systems is that they track who comes and goes and when. This means whenever an employee or other authorized person enters the site, there is a record of this activity. 

Places like large rental units have moved over to door access control systems because the digital modes of entry are easier to track and control than keys. Keys can be lost or given away. While the same may hold true of a digital access system, these can be deauthorized and rendered useless as needed. 

More and more homeowners are going toward door access control systems. These systems provided the advanced security many people want and need for their homes. They are more sophisticated in providing protection for your family and your property. 

Since door access control systems can range in levels of sophistication, they are not all accessible to everyone. However, there are systems available that suit the needs of large, high-security operations all the way down to private homeowners who simply want a more secure system for protection.   

Organizations that use door access control systems include:

  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • Worship centers
  • Small and medium-sized business
  • Homeowners
  • Door access control Facts

Some basic facts about door access control systems can help you decide if this is the right security system for your home or business. Things to think about include: 

  1. Remote access: Door access systems can be controlled remotely. You do not need to be on the premises to determine who has entered or left, and you can change security parameters remotely. 
  2. Customizable: Everything about your door access control system can be customized for your needs. You can, for example, allow varying levels of access within the grounds, allowing some people full access while restricting others to certain areas. 
  3. History records: Because door access systems are digital, there are records of all activity on the system. Any time someone uses their entry access system, whether it be a card, key fob, or digital pin, you have a full record of this history. 
  4. Nonduplication: Unlike keys, there is no way to duplicate the access systems for door access control. Cards, key fobs, and other modes of access cannot be duplicated. 
  5. Security: Door access control systems are simply more secure than locks and keys. Absolutely anyone can use a key with no trace of them using it. Door access control systems are highly restrictive, and even if access is used by unauthorized people, you have a record of how that access was made.  
  6. Less expensive in the long run: Since the initial investment tends to take care of itself over time, door access control systems save you money in the long run. No more changing locks every time there has been a problem with access. You simply change the security codes and everything else continues to work. 
  7. Less hassle: Once installed, these systems are extremely easy to use. People simply use their access modes in the same way they use keys. 
  8. Faster, safer than locks: Keys and locks are cumbersome. Keys are easily lost. Door access control systems are faster to use and provide far greater security than older access control methods. 

Features to look on a door access control

There are some key features of door access control systems to take into consideration. Depending on your needs, think about these features:

Access authority configuration

From the main system, you can configure access authority for everyone who will need access to the premises. This means you can allow full access to some people and limited access to others. This is particularly useful if you operate a business that has employees who need to be on-site and other employees who need access to sensitive areas and information. As you issue access badges, for example, some will allow full access, while others will only be granted access to areas where their work needs to be done. 

You can configure this access with the same cards or key fobs without issuing additional keys, as in older systems. 

Automatic door management

One of the most important features of door access control systems is the ability to determine when access is granted. Unlike keys, you can determine specific times when door access will work. It is possible you have times on any given day when you do not want anyone to be able to access the grounds. You can configure your door access control system to completely or partially cut off access during set times. You can also, at any time, put a full lockdown in place. In the event of a suspected security problem, you can shut off door access to everyone. This is simply not possible with a lock and key.  

Unique alarm notifications

Door access control systems are connected to your alarm system. Whether it is wired or wireless, door access control systems become part of the overall security system, including alarms. One great feature of door access control systems is that you can differentiate alarms for different types of emergencies. For example, you can set up different alarms for a door that has been opened with an access code and a door that has been forced open. This will allow you to have protocols in place for how to respond.  

Custom reports

A good door access control system makes it possible and easy to generate custom reports on access activity. Some of the most common reports from door access control systems include: 

  • Door Activity History: Who opened a specific door and at what time?
  • Invalid Access Attempts: A historical list of access attempts where users use their badge at an unauthorized access point.
  • On-Site Tracking: A report of access permissions of third parties throughout the site.
  • Other Report Fields: Door Openings, Door Forced Open, Door Open too Long, Specific transaction types, specific time and date ranges, specific doors. 

All of these reports can be saved in a variety of ways for long-term record keeping and for insurance and liability purposes.

Door access control Benefits

There are many reasons why businesses and homeowners are switching over to door access control systems. Some of the benefits of these systems include: 

Removing traditional keys

Traditional keys have many drawbacks. Restricting access at varying levels requires multiple keys, for instance. The larger the site, and the more levels of security, the more keys you need. This becomes difficult if not impossible to track and maintain. Access control systems allow you to configure all these levels of access with one system and one access mode. Also, keys can be easily duplicated. Door access control modes like access cards and key fobs cannot be duplicated and made to function with the system. 

Keep track of who accesses

With door access control systems, it is easy to configure who has access and when they have access. All of these things can be configured from a central point, and you can change these access configurations without making any changes to things like cards and fobs. 


Because of the multiple ways you can configure access with door access control systems, you get the maximum possible protection for your property. There is simply no way to access the premises without authorization through the door access control system. Even forced entry is tied to your security system so that it triggers an immediate response from your security personnel and the police. 

Safe environment

Door access control systems create safe environments. Because it is simply not possible for anyone to gain entry without authorization, everyone on the grounds can freely operate in a safe environment. 

Data breach

All access to your data, both access control data, and internal data are kept restricted by your door access control system. Everything can be protected and even encrypted if necessary. 

Increase ease of access

Finally, door access control systems are easier to use than the old lock and key methods. Keys bend and become damaged whereas access badges and key fobs are not subject to the same wear and tear. Access for authorized people is made safe and easy. 

Best door access control systems

The top-rated door access control systems include:

Honeywell: Great for large operations with the full range of capabilities.

SALTO: This is the leader in wireless door access control systems. 

Envoy: These offer the best custom health checks on the system. 

ISONAS: This is the top-rated system for small and single users, including homeowners. 

Does door access control systems have monthly fees?

While the door access system itself is a one-time expense, most security systems charge a monthly fee for the software that operates the system. Depending on the size of the system and your needs, the monthly fees for a door access system can range from $30 to $50 per month. 

If you are thinking about switching to a door access control system, the best course of action is to consult professionals who can guide you through the options that will best suit your needs and your budget. For door access control systems for your business or home in Florida, Helios Security Systems can help you find what will work for you and can get you set up with the right system.

Helios Security Systems has skilled professionals who know the details of these systems. We can also get you started with the installation of a door access system for your home or business. All your security needs are critically important, and that is why it just makes sense to work with people who have the knowledge necessary to keep your home or business secure. Helios Security Systems can offer professional insight on things like door access systems.   

Wrapping things up

The technology for home and commercial security changes as rapidly as every other field. With the changes in digital technology, you get the same advancements in security systems. One of the leading developments in business and home security is door access control systems. 

Door access control systems replace old systems that involved locks and keys. These systems streamline access to your home or business even as they increase levels of security. With door access systems you can determine exactly who has access to your property. You can even configure different levels of access that grant full access only to select personnel. 

Door access control systems are controlled digitally from a central site, granting your full control over who has access to your property and when they have access. No other system offers this kind of security and control. Door access control systems even allow you to see who has entered and left the grounds at any time. To get started with door access control systems for your home or business, contact the professionals at Helios Security Systems. 



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